Association Fee's - Posted by Brian

Posted by msboston on January 29, 2000 at 02:41:21:


I have managed condominium associations. In that situation, you receive a financial statement with you cc&rs, and other paperwork from the sellers you purchased from.

You can write the president of the board,requesting the info. You can also attend monthly board meetings to get the information you seek as well as participate in the administration of the property.
Hope this is helpful.

Association Fee’s - Posted by Brian

Posted by Brian on January 29, 2000 at 01:37:39:

At 10:20 AM 01/28/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello, My name is Brian.
> I recently recieved a letter from my association saying we owed them
>176 dollars a month. When we bought the house not 4 months ago we got
>156 dollars a month in writing.
>I think that both of these are extremely high. I was wondering what
>legal and or eductaion resoucse I have to check up on my association to
>make sure they are doing an appropriate job. Personal I think the rate
>is way to high, however I do not know all the expenses they have to pay.
> I would like to research the flow of money into the association and
>out of the associatoin. Who benefits and what organizations are getting
>money from the association.
>Do the people control the associtation or does the assocation control
>the associtation.
>If previous tenents sold the association to a management company how do
>the memebers/tenents get out of such a deal if the managment company is
>doing a poor job?
>Any help would be awesome. I feel like I am getting raped.
>Brian Jose Alvarado

Dear Brian,

Please feel free to post this on our News Group for input from others who
have experience in these matters.

JP Vaughan

So there it is. Any Idea’s?

Brian Alvarado