Atlanta here we come! - Posted by Alan Paine in Houston

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on March 28, 2001 at 12:10:18:

Congrats on going full time!

See you in Atlanta.


Atlanta here we come! - Posted by Alan Paine in Houston

Posted by Alan Paine in Houston on March 28, 2001 at 12:05:16:

After months of anticipation, the day has finally arrived. My wife and I are leaving for the Atlanta convention. I went to the Dallas convention 2 years ago, as a newbie. I was so inspired. Terry Vaughan, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Jeffery Taylor (Mr. Landlord), Ron LeGrand, ? to name a few. These people have all been there. They have real world ideas. I was able to talk to each one of them at length. If you live in Atlanta, you should have no excuses not to be at the convention.

The speakers are great, but the most impressive part of the whole convention had to be the people in attendance. I met Jim Kennedy, David Alexander, David Segars and many more. These people are all inspirational. They are also the friendliest people you will ever met. We stayed up late and I learned at the masters feet.

Prior to that convention I let fear get the best of me and signed a two year contract with a training company. I know, A JOB. I wanted a paycheck, I needed a paycheck. So the day after the convention I started a new job. I planned on doing the real estate thing part time. One big problem. My new job required me to be gone 48 weeks a year away from home. I let my fear and new found comfort keep me from making the BIG STEP.

Flash forward to today. My two year contract is over. I have seen parts of the country I never knew existed. And I have seen people in other parts of the country doing Real Estate. I lurked in the back ground of this site, reading, learning, dreaming.

Well the dream is over. This time my wife and I have started our new business. (Bill Bronchick is the best) We have put out signs. I am writing and working on our marketing plan. No deals yet, but they will come. WE ARE REAL ESTATE INVESTORS NOW.

We will be with Lonnie tomorrow. And on Tuesday of next week, My new full time job will be for us. Not for someone else.

Thank you to everyone at this site.