Atlanta Seminar Opinion Solicitation - Posted by Russell

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on February 04, 2000 at 11:10:00:

I distinctly remember speaking with you at the bar the first night, and having lunch with you on one of the other days. Oh…I see. I didn’t count!

Sheesh. Ex rock n roll drummers…



Atlanta Seminar Opinion Solicitation - Posted by Russell

Posted by Russell on February 04, 2000 at 10:56:46:

I would appreciate some opinions on the value of the upcoming RE seminar in Atlanta. As much as I dislike the term “newbie”, I guess that’s where I am at the moment. I am soliciting opinions on the seminar, obviously from past participants, on whether or not you think it would be beneficial at this stage. I do not want to spend the time, effort, and money on something that might be above my level. I do not entirely understand some of the postings due to unfamiliar terms and or abbreviations. It would be frustrating to attend an event where the language barrier kept me from learning. Maybe my money would be better spent purchasing more RE investing courses, books, etc. – ?

I welcome all comments.


Thanks for all your responses!! - Posted by Russell

Posted by Russell on February 05, 2000 at 24:18:20:

I appreciate the words of encouragement. Only one negative response. “I’m going to go with the audience on this lifeline Regis.” The responses were what I had hoped to hear. I want to go – see you there.


If you think you should or you think you shouldn’t … - Posted by JohnG

Posted by JohnG on February 04, 2000 at 22:41:24:

then you are probably right.

If you are going to go and spend your time focusing on the things you don’t know and the terminology that you don’t understand, then why go ?

If you are going to go and be open to new experiences and new people and be open to the “possibility” that this may be for you then you might consider going.

If you are going to go and you make that decision at 9:30 pm on Feb 4/00 and you are now committed to making this the most incredible and powerful and exciting and productive weekend in your entire life
then BY ALL MEANS GO !!!

I remember my first real estate seminar. I was so wired that I couldn’t contain myself. And I sat next to a guy that looked good, smelled good and was totally lost !!! He was a lawyer who had made big money and wanted to be an ex-lawyer. The problem was he couldn’t convince himself after university, law school, and 25 years of “lawyering” that he could give it up and go on his own. He hated lawyering and it was painfully evident on his face that he wanted so bad to break out of the “chains” that bound him.

Three years later I ran into him. I had done many many deals since and he didn’t have to tell me and I didn’t need to ask him what he had chosen to do. I could tell by the look on his face that he was still in bondage doing work he hated because he had some grand notion that he had to keep “lawyering” instead of follow his dreams.

After that experience I resolved never to spend another day doing something I hated just because that was what I was trained for or I had some fear of trying something else - LIFES WAAAAAAAAYYY TOO SHORT!

Re: Atlanta Seminar Opinion Solicitation - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on February 04, 2000 at 14:16:20:

Hi Russell,

Hope to see you at this years convention in Atlanta. I went to the one last year in Dallas. The one word I’d use for last years convention would be " Fantastic ".

Where can you learn from ten different experts about ten different aspects of the real estate business under one roof.

Where can you network with the experts and the full time investors for four solid days. Remember we’ll all be there on Thursday as well.

The speakers and fulltime investors will take time to explain things to you. They want to help you. As a new investor you will be able to loadup your toolbox with great ideas that you will understand and can put into practice when you arrive home from the convention.

The convention will get you motivated and give you direction. And the convention will pay for itself throughout the year as you put some of the techniques to work.

Re: Atlanta Seminar Opinion Solicitation - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on February 04, 2000 at 13:41:56:

I went to my first convention last year, as a total “newbie”.
We did have ONE deal under our belts, and that paid for the convention, but it was only a flip , and we pulled that off with more luck than anything.
I learned so much last year, and met so many great people.
And, we bought a few courses as well.
I am trying like heck to make it this year, and will be really disappointed if I do not get to go.
The knowledge we gained last year was fantastic.
I also did not understand many of the terms last year, but thankfully, many of the speakers kept it rather simple for us.
The things we did not understand we could discuss at the round table meetings on Saturday, and that is happening again this year.
I will go this year, armed with more education, and should be able to get a little more out of it education wise this time around.
But, the key for me last year, aside from the networking and education, was the motivation.
I was sad to leave the atmosphere of the convention, and yet I was so pumped to come home and make deals.
And guess what? I did! I made a few deals last year, none of which would have come about without this board and the convention, coupled with the courses I bought there and here online.
The bottom line is, what is more expensive, education or lack thereof?

Go to Atlanta, you will not be sorry.
Click on the banner for the convention, and you will see comments from many of us who attended last year.
I would gather that most of those comments were also from “newbies” like us.

How can you not go?
(thats the question that is driving me to close a deal and attend…fingers crossed, and knose to the grind stone to get it done.)

Hope to see you there,
Jim IL

Re: Atlanta Seminar Opinion Solicitation - Posted by Bill K. (AZ)

Posted by Bill K. (AZ) on February 04, 2000 at 11:03:42:


I went to my first convention last year. I was the newest of newbies at that time. I’m going again this year because I made some mistakes last year. I got a lot of information from the speakers, and I left the convention walking on air. HOWEVER, I missed one of the best aspects of the convention…NETWORKING.

Go. You won’t regret it. But, don’t make the mistake that I made last year. Make it a point to mingle with fellow investors. It’s an opportunity/investment that you will not regret.

Bill K. (AZ)

Re: If you think you should or you think you shouldn’t … - Posted by Bob H. in NY

Posted by Bob H. in NY on February 05, 2000 at 16:22:40:

I couldn’t agree with you more. You are only limited by what you ALLOW to bind you. If you follow your passion and enjoy what you do, you are bound to do it well and the money will come. I’m working my plan now and hope to be able to leave a well paying job with a well known computer company in a few years.
Even with 18 years of “tinkering around” part-time in this business, by using this forum, it is clear that I have barely scratched the surface of what I need to know. So it’s time to acknowledge that this is what I love to do and become as well prepared as possible to make the break. With the quality of people, JP and her team have lined up and the regulars from the forum, I’m more excited about this than I have been in years !!! See ya all in Atlanta !!!

Bob H. in New York