Attorney's Clubs - Posted by alex

Posted by JohnBoy on January 13, 1999 at 24:45:29:

I received a package on this in the mail once. Turned out it was being billed to my credit card and I never authorized it. The package had membership cards already made out in my name and the name of a local attorney that I could use it at.

Since I had the package in my hand and from reading the highlights of the benefits they claim to give, I decided to read the entire package. The benefits only apply to your personnal property that you live in or are buying to live in. It DOES NOT cover the review of real estate contracts pertaining to investment properties or any contracts pertaining to any business dealings you have through a business you may own.

So unless you have a good attorney near you that will honor this deal AND you plan on moving around a LOT with personnel residents, or plan on getting into legal trouble personnally outside of any business dealings, then in my opinion its a big waste of money.

How often will you need a lawyer on a personnal basis?? The plan says they will go over as many real estate contracts you need. There is no limit the number of contracts. At first I thought this might be a good deal, but the catch was, this only applies to your personnal residence. How often would I have a need for that? Not very often.

The plan also covered legal representation if you needed a lawyer on a personnal matter. The one catch on this was it only covers the first hour ot two and then after that you will be billed the normal hourly rate minus a 10% or 20% discount after that. Big deal!

My opinion is save your money. Otherwise if your still curious then call the company and ask them to send you the agreement so you can look it over first and then decide if its something that will meet your needs. If you do this make sure you ask to see the entire agreement first, not just some pamplet that outlines the benefits.

Attorney’s Clubs - Posted by alex

Posted by alex on January 12, 1999 at 18:36:40:

I had seen on tv one after noon, a info commercial about how someone could become a member of a Attorney Legal Services. It was a membership that would in title you to many legal services like closing,title insurances,trust etc. I was woundering if anyone else had seen or heard of such a membership. There is times when I have needed a lawyer. The one I have now is $125.00 /hr. So if someone has heard of one, please let me know how it works and if this is just another scam.

Thank you

Re: Attorney’s Clubs - Posted by Irwin

Posted by Irwin on January 13, 1999 at 07:24:56:

There are two kinds of pre-paid legal service plans. Barely adequate and p— poor. They tend to be barely adequate in run of the mill type things, (divorce, simple wills, collection, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy etc) but poor, when it comes to specialized area of practice. I doubt that you’ll find an attorney on one of these who is going to do as well as your present $125 per guy.