Auction Update....side deal struck. - Posted by chris_wa

Posted by chris_wa on January 20, 2000 at 14:17:22:


Auction Update…side deal struck. - Posted by chris_wa

Posted by chris_wa on January 20, 2000 at 12:03:35:

Well, i was the only one there…the sherrif began running thru his spiel at mach speed and i managed to catch a part about,“successful bidder agrees to accept any and all liens/judgements yada yada that may be attatched to the property.” WAIT A SECOND JACK! stopped him and confirmed that information. then said to the property manager(who was representing the park owner) “listen…i don’t want to get stuck with all those potential problems.” (i knew that had judgements around 8.5k.) i told him,“i have had my eye on this place for months and wanted to buy it long ago but then found liens on the title and problems with the park so i stepped away. anyway, i will give you the same amount i was gonna give the previous owner…2500 bucks” he said he would have to check with the owner. so i stepped away from the bid. let him get put on record as the high bidder. then we headed for the office. he called the owner and explained what i wanted to do. the owner accepted. i also threw in that there would be no transfer of funds until i had documentation stating that i would not be held responsible for any of that judgement/lien stuff and they would be released so i could get clear title. no problem.

now the real question…did i pay to much? couldn’t i have got it for much less? probably. but during our following conversations i learned that this guy manages many parks. he also has the authority to do deals directly with the owners. so i let him know that i could save them a ton of money in lawyer fees and paperwork headaches if they would contact me well before it gets to a sherrif sale. he literally RAN to his car and brought back his briefcase stuffed with all these eviction type work in progresses. he was such a wealth of information. he gave me so many leads i don’t know what the heck to do now!!! (well, actually i do know)

anyway, the point is…i made the original deal that i would have made long ago. and by doing so didn’t look like some schmuck trying to steal money bags from their coffers. and further was able to give the appearance(hehe) that i may be some guy that will play ball with them and make their problems go away. that kind of reputation is priceless in my book.

so…off to check on the leads today!

have a great day.


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See you done it. LOL.

Not only are you getting the original mobile that was auctioned off, you now have a great contact to buy a bunch more.

Did you pay too much. My guess is that you know your market and what you can sell the home for. $2,500 for a wobbly box. Not bad.

Chris, how did you find out about the mobile home being sold - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Carey_PA on January 20, 2000 at 13:25:32:

at the auction? i don’t believe i’ve ever seen an auction about a mobile home around here…but then again, i’m probably not looking in the right place



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