bed & breakfast, financing - Posted by robert valente

Posted by Anne_ND on August 04, 2005 at 14:52:38:


I looked into this a few years ago when we bought a 7-bedroom house for $13K and were considering our exit strategy. There are a number of great books on opening and running B&Bs- go to and look around there first.

What you’ll need to do is write a business plan, using the info about likely rates for occupancy (i.e. percentage of rooms rented per year), likely expenses (including a bunch you would never think of unless you have B&B experience already) and cost to rehab.

You should also search the archives on the commercial real estate board. B&Bs seem to be more of a lifestyle than a passive investment, but the good news is you can stay in other B&Bs and write it off as business ‘research’.

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bed & breakfast, financing - Posted by robert valente

Posted by robert valente on August 04, 2005 at 14:22:49:

I am starting the process of opening a B&B in Montreal, Quebek. This would be a 10 room house. The numbers based on income minus operating expenses are great to say the least, I want to know how I would finance this with no cash but at the same time be able to prove to a lender/partner that this would be something good for both parties involved. How do I begin to approach this.