Best Newspaper Ad to Attract Motivated Sellers? - Posted by Lewis

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on July 05, 2003 at 10:17:40:

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Best Newspaper Ad to Attract Motivated Sellers? - Posted by Lewis

Posted by Lewis on July 02, 2003 at 21:48:58:

your suggestions are appreciated!

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly) - Posted by Jim FL

Posted by Jim FL on July 04, 2003 at 15:28:21:

First, what other marketing do you have going at the moment?

I sense that perhaps you have none, or have run an ad already, and the response has been less than desirable.

If either one is the case, keep something in mind.
Ads do work to get deals, but in my opinion, not at a steady higher volume.
Before an ad can work well, meaning it pulls calls consistently, even if just a few, the ad must be seen over and over.

I talk to new investors all the time who run an ad in the paper and cold call.
The number one complaint is their lack of calls, and ultimately, lack of deals as a result.
They see others doing deals consistently, and wonder if they are doing something wrong?
The answer of course is yes, because if what you are doing is not getting the wanted results, then something else needs to be tried.

I hear over and over how someone paid some large fee for a newspaper ad, getting it to run for a weekend, a week, or as long as a month, sometimes two.
When I hear this, it is always followed with, “No one called, so I guess there are no motivated sellers in my area!”

I say…“MALARKY!”

There are motivated sellers everywhere.
Take some time today, or the next, and do yourself a favor.
Use the archive search feature here, and look for “Motivated sellers” and “Marketing”.
I’m sure you will get a TON of reading.
Next, go to the articles here, and look for the ones about marketing to find motivated sellers.
I think the esteemed Jim Kenndy has an article posted under the “How to” or “Money making ideas” section here.
He lists NUMEROUS ways to attract sellers…notice I said, “Attract”, not “find”.
Don’t go looking for them, that is too much work, in my opinion.

You should make your message simple, and known.
The type of person you want to call you is someone who NEEDS what you do.
What is that anyway? OH yes, YOU BUY HOUSES!
Okay, there is the first line of your ad.
Now, someone knows you BUY HOUSES, but how do they find you?
Tough one there, your PHONE NUMBER!
Second line of the ad!
You could stop there, or you can try to make your ad “Cute”, or “tricky” to ATTRACT more calls.
Frankly, I don’t think it matters one bit.
As long as the above two things are mentioned, the rest is just “Fluff”, filler, and not always needed.

So, you place your ad: I Buy Houses, xxx-xxx-xxxx
Cool, looks good, right!
Not too specific, so the calls will come in, and now YOU can weed out what you cannot work with.

Alright, are there motivated sellers every day?
So, your message should be seen EVERY DAY, MANY TIMES, consitently for REAL length of time.
A weekend, a week, or even a month is NOT enough in my opinion. (I’m full of those pesky “opinions” today, sorry)

So, place your ad DAILY if you can swing it, and keep it there for 6 mos.
After the 6 mos, if the ad has not paid for itself, pull it, and use something else in its place.
Apply the ad fee $$$ to some other method for marketing.

Do the same with those, make them simple, clear, easy to read and seen often.

Signs, flyers, ads, biz cards, vehicle signs, word of mouth, mailers to anyone you want to target, or everyone in a shot gun approach.
Does not matter, just get the message out there consistently, and seen by as many people as you can DAILY, and the phone will ring.

I decided a long time ago, if I don’t market beyond my comfort zone, I’ve only done HALF my job.

So, “market beyond your comfort zone and the calls will come!”

Try it, this does work!


Re: Best Newspaper Ads - Posted by Lee

Posted by Lee on July 03, 2003 at 07:23:33:

Honest Individual pays
Full Value if you can
Sell on Terms.

Honest Individual pays
Fast Cash if you are
Flexible on Price.

Executive wants to
Lease/Purchase home.

Have you tried… - Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA)

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on July 02, 2003 at 22:45:52:


Have you tried anything like this:

!!!We want to steal your property. Call immediately if you will sell for less than 80% of market value. YourTelephoneNumberHERE.

This is guaranteed to weed out the unmotivated sellers.

Good InvestingRon Starr*****

Re: This is what I use - Posted by Alex F. (CA)

Posted by Alex F. (CA) on July 02, 2003 at 22:38:35:

We Buy Houses!
Any Condition, Fast Closing

This is what I use…got it from Bronchick.

Good luck,

Alex F. (CA)

Not so good Newspaper Ads - Posted by Rick(MD)

Posted by Rick(MD) on July 03, 2003 at 23:01:43:

Do you actually get any calls from those ads ???
“Honest Individual??” “Executive??”…
I find these to be a turn off. I never trust anyone who tells me they are honest or start a sentence with “to be honest with you…” If you have to say it, then that means I have to watch out when you don’t say it. And if you are telling me that you are an honest individual, then I am sure that’s exactly what a dis-honest person would say. Furthermore why do I care if you are an executive. Am I supposed to be impressed?? Maybe you are one of those honest Executives from Enron. :))

Re: Have you tried… - Posted by Fin

Posted by Fin on July 04, 2003 at 20:53:24:

I like it because it’s totally honest. But are you joking?

Re: Have you tried… - Posted by Sean

Posted by Sean on July 03, 2003 at 09:04:31:

Ron, I love that one!!! Definately will be giving it a try! heh heh.

Re: Not so good Newspaper Ads - Posted by Tom-FL

Posted by Tom-FL on July 03, 2003 at 23:35:40:

>> Furthermore why do I care if you are an executive.

That trick is right out of a Ron LeGrand seminar I was at. It is designed that way for two reasons. The reader is supposed to assume:

  1. The advertiser is looking for a personal residence.
  2. If your house is a junker, don’t bother calling. Upscale only.