bilked - Posted by lora jacobs

Posted by Mike Daly on March 08, 2002 at 11:26:29:

Louis Brown’s course on trusts is very good. One problem you’ll have though is even if the property is deeded to the trust, a bank is going to require you to sign personally, and so your name could still be found on public records under the mortgage or deed of trust. So, the only way I know of to own the property and keep your name completely off public record would be to buy only by doing subject to, contract for deed or lease option (buying all cash would work too.)


bilked - Posted by lora jacobs

Posted by lora jacobs on March 08, 2002 at 10:58:19:

Im new to this site, My name is Lora from St. Johns Nfld.I need some guidance; I am being bilked to death. I have to support my womanizing husband (court decision). The more I earn the higher the support payments. I wouldnt mind if he was legitimately ill, but he is not; He is a smooth operator. I dont wish to sound like a complainer, but I work long, hard hours at two jobs while he lives a lavish life with an unsuspecting, monied woman. The thing that I want to do is find some private and legal way to buy some rentals and not let him know and that if he was to do a search on me he would come up with nothing, as he is very shrewd person. How can such a person look at himself in the mirror is beyond my understanding. If someone is going to respond to my question, then they are going to have to be very detailing as I am now at my witts end almost to the point of being in a state of shock. I would like to learn about trusts, Id be willing to buy, (I think his name is Brown, he has a course on trusts and protecting your assets) a course if I could apply it in the place where I live. I will leave my real estate investing at a standstill until I can protect myself; I am very anxious to start working smarter not harder as Ive been doing. If I can get some tips from the people who freguently visit the site also the group at creonline then I should be on my way. Heres to good real estate investing,

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Posted by David H on March 08, 2002 at 12:58:42:

It seems to me that I’ve seen this “lora jacobs,” post to this site previously, with a different tail of woe. It looks to me to be a front to collect email addresses…