Books on RE Finance - Posted by T Jent

Posted by Monique on June 21, 2000 at 08:41:48:

T Jent,

A good TEXTBOOK on Real Estate finance is “Real Estate Finance & Investment Manual” by Jack Cummings. Some of the topics include: Conventional Mortgages, Gov’t Insured Loans, Land Development and Construction Loans, Blanket Mortgages, Wraparound Mortgages, Tax Free Exchanges, Options, and Discounted Mortgages.

Personally, I learn better from a FIELD HANDBOOK than from a textbook. If you want information that you can use right away to put deals together, you might want to invest in a course that covers creative real estate financing tactics such as Subject To financing, Seller Financing, Lease/Options, and Options. There are lots of great courses that cover this kind of material at this site. Courses by William Bronchick and Ron LeGrand cover the foundation very well (with contracts and all). After you’ve got the foundation down, Joe Kaiser is excellent as well.


Books on RE Finance - Posted by T Jent

Posted by T Jent on June 21, 2000 at 02:54:08:

I would very much like to find a good book specifically on Real Estate Finance. I have perused decent books on finance generally, as well as many real estate books that cover finance to an extent. I have not seen any dealing exclusively with RE finance though, with the exception of very basic “shopping for mortgage” type texts geared to average new home buyers as opposed to vocational real estate investers. Any recomendations are greatly appreciated.