Bootcamp attendees and Video buyers - free offer - Posted by John Behle

Posted by Matthew Chan on January 19, 2000 at 19:28:57:

I was really looking forward to it. It is just too bad so many people get hung up on the technical stuff only.

Bootcamp attendees and Video buyers - free offer - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on January 17, 2000 at 16:55:29:

We have a few more spots left on the “Abundance and Prosperity” one day seminar on Feb. 24th in Atlanta. I am going to open it up for just my cost to all those who have my 5 day video course - How’s $20 bucks sound to cover the cost of the facilities?


I think the elements in this one day training are as important - or more so than anything else I have to say or teach. You’ve had a taste of it with the 5 day “Paper Game” videos. I want to round out the equation and deal with some of the attitudes and beliefs that can be crucial to success.

I dedicated this to a charitable cause anyway, so I guess I’m just extending the charity in the other direction. If it works for you, then give it back out there to others.

Call it “Economic Alchemy”.

Besides, I did have the one day videos that did not turn out right for those that bought the special package at the convention last year. We have yet to do that same seminar to re-tape it and maybe we could consider this a replacement. I’ll take the convention people first as a priority, but I want to wrap this up in a few days.

I don’t necessarily have email addresses for everyone - so I will have to rely on a notice here for a few days. There are rewards in reading this forum regularly :slight_smile:

Every once in a while a secretary or myself have slipped up on an order or we have been back ordered on a product. (I don’t do infomercials or the evangelist circuit - so we don’t keep a warehouse full of inventory). If you feel less than satisfied in some way let me know - BY PRIVATE email ((( - not posting here and I’ll consider extending the offer to you also as an apology.

I will also hold a number of seats available for a few that feel they are really stuck when it comes to the concept of “Abundance and Prosperity” and are open to breaking out of any cycles or beliefs that limit them. You must be open to looking at your own limiting beliefs, self defeating behaviors and emotional blocks.

I believe we are limited by our minds, beliefs, attitudes and knowledge - not our circumstances. Email me privately with a short explanation and I will consider you for one of those seats as long as they are available.

What about us … - Posted by DanM(OR)

Posted by DanM(OR) on January 19, 2000 at 18:17:18:

suckers who already paid, but would be eligible under your previously posted guidlines. I know it’s only a hundred bucks, but I bought a ticket for another guy and he may not want to buy it from me now. There isn’t much I dislike more than money wasted. Heck, I’d love to give you the money towards my apprenticeship instead.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Dan Matejsek

I will take you up on that offer, John.count me in…(DNO) - Posted by JohnB_NJ

Posted by JohnB_NJ on January 17, 2000 at 23:54:27:


By the way - this is what it is. - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on January 17, 2000 at 16:58:59:

It’s been a long time since I posted the original details, so if you are wondering what this one day seminar is all about, you can read the details at my website -

or just click on the banner above.

The Three ingredients of Success. - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on January 19, 2000 at 18:59:57:

No one’s been charged yet. I planned on adjusting things for you and others that qualify.

I am always way more than fair. As I said, it’s to charity anyway and the most important thing to me is having it be a successful experience. First priority to me is I want to teach this particular workshop. It’s been in my head and heart for 15 years. I’ve taught parts of it and it is the most well received material I put out at my seminars.

Second. I want to see it make a difference. I truly believe through my personal experience and as I explained in the article “3 Essential Ingredients of Success” that the factors in this workshop are MORE important than anything I could teach on real estate or paper.

So, bottom line is I want to have a group there that is large enough for the synergy I feel is needed. If that isn’t there than we will need to do this another time. I don’t want to wait - and I don’t want to bother with a bunch of marketing nonsense to promote a seminar that I am giving away - be that to charity or to the participants.

My guess is that people don’t see the value of addressing some of these issues, so it may be a fruitless effort. It may be that there just aren’t enough people reading this forum yet. I know those who have the videos or have been to the bootcamp have at least had a taste of it. They are also the most likely to have this round out their experience to achieve massive success.

I think Paper and Real Estate are two of the most lucrative investments available. Yet what I’ve seen in over twenty years of teaching and coaching people - the most important item to success is what is in this one day workshop.

So, long answer to a short question. Of course I will factor this in retroactively. As I said, nothing’s been charged or cashed yet.

I’ve always loved small groups from an education point of view, but this is different. I need a minimum of 30 for the dynamics to work. Round up some friends. It’s a great offer, but not something I’m going to go to great lengths to spread around.