broker problems - Posted by Michael

Posted by PBoone on June 02, 1999 at 19:35:18:

What is the attraction to these properties? Seller financing? Investors?
To me it sounds like the broker found a way to advertise and get responses, but ANY real investor will not put up with games.

broker problems - Posted by Michael

Posted by Michael on June 02, 1999 at 10:58:14:

I responded to five ads in my local paper, which listed seller financing, investors welcomed, all by the same broker. When I called I spoke with the secretary, who was not willing to let me speak with the broker himself. I was asked a lot of questions, like how much cash I had to work with, was I going to live there or not ect. Then I was told I had to make an appointment to speak with the broker which I did for 11 O’clock the following morning. I was also told to call back the following morning at 10 o’clock to confirm at to get the brokers address of business 10 o’clock the following morning I spoke with the broker himself who told me I had to forward him a copy of my bank statement and credit report before I could even look at anything. I told him that I also work with a number of investors and thought it would be beneficial to the both of us if I could look at the properties. I also said that I would with a number of brokers who would also be willing to show me the same property if he did not, his response was to hang up on me.
The paper dose say no brokers. Am I out of luck concerning these properties? Do I have any other options?