Bronchick forms - Posted by Carlos

Posted by Laure on May 14, 2000 at 06:37:36:

Come on Carlos… read the course again. And go out in front of some buyers and some sellers. This is pretty rudimentary, and you should be able to figure it out. Just use your noggin.

Laure :wink:

Bronchick forms - Posted by Carlos

Posted by Carlos on May 13, 2000 at 16:53:49:

Hey everybody… I purchased a lease option course from Mr. Bronchick a few months ago. I am now just getting started with my program. With the course came a lot of forms. I am in the process of creating two packets. One for the sellers, and one for my tennant/buyers. Can someone tell me what forms that I should have in my sellers packet, and what forms I should have in my tennant/buyers packet? If anyone needs the names of the forms, I have no problem posting again. Thanks in advance for all of your help…

Carlos…(On my way to success :o)

Re: Bronchick forms - Posted by Carol

Posted by Carol on May 14, 2000 at 08:44:54:

Let me add to Laure’s post … Bill tells you in the course itself for the most part. The point of Laure’s post and mine, Carlos, is that to go out and throw documents around without having a basic understanding of what they are can be dangerous, and at very least counter productive.

Get familiar with the docs, and you’ll know what to do with them … in fact, that’s the point of Bill’s materials.
Have fun.