Built from scratch base cabinet

I had a water damaged base cabinet that needed replaced, having been through this many times before I didn’t relish the cost of the cabinet or the task of putting a square box into a non- square kitchen. Contractor says he can build it…$50 worth of 1"x2", 1"x4", & OSB + 3 sheets of paper coverd luan wallboard + 7hrs of carpenter and here it is. I had intended to buy new cabinet doors and drawer fronts at www.cabinetdoor.com - but contractor suggested he overlay the cab doors with luan; I should point out that he sawed off the rounded edge of each piece before attaching the overlay pieces.

Yep, contractors gettin desprit!

I even had auto-body guy stop me in my driveway last week offering to fix dings in the jalopy I drive.

Do recommend you do some looking around before committing to anybody’s bid.

Wow Shawn those cabinets look fantastic.

That is the exact type of approach I am looking for in my future renovations. As I have written about here in the past, one of the next landlord friendly repairs I seek to adapt is cabinets and counter tops.

Can you clarify the “paper covered luan wallboard”?

Is this a product or are you taking luan and glueing something to it to make it look like wood cabinets?

Thanks for the pics!


Tony, it is luan with a wallpaper covering- in this case the paper looks like wood grain. the bottom shelf is white vinyl covered…This is the stuff used by MH manufacturers on cabinet sides. Every MH parts distributor (in these parts)handles the stuff.It currently costs $15-$18 sheet- and various size matching trim pieces are available. I advise going to the next MH show and troll the vendors booths to find good suppliers in your area.

looks great, Shawn. So are you saying you got a custom built cabinet for $225 or less? Very nice.


$97 materials + $175 Labor. I know Tony likes to keep supplies on his truck - so as to avoid trips to lumber yard. This method is a play on that strategy.