Buy with no money down? - Posted by Justin

Posted by GL(ON) on April 08, 2002 at 20:32:19:

75% mortgage and 25% cash down payment is standard. Today there are special deals available from lenders (banks) that will give you 90%, 95%, 97% and even 100% of the cost of a house. I have heard of loans for more than 100% of the price of the house, if your credit is really golden.

So you may only need 3% 5% or 10% cash down. These are all conventional.

If you don’t have it, could you find a partner that does? He doesn’t even need it in cash if he can borrow it. And if the property brings in enough rent, that will cover the payments.

This is only scratching the surface. There are dozens of ways of buying with low or no down payment.

It costs money to make money, but it doesn’t have to be your money.

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Buy with no money down? - Posted by Justin

Posted by Justin on April 08, 2002 at 18:58:28:

Hi everyone,
I am new to real estate investing and when I am ready to make my first deal Im going to have very little cash availible to me. I have heard plenty of people talk about how they can buy property with none of their own money? How do you do this? Lets say I find a house I want to buy for $150,000…and I plan on selling it right back. How much money of mine would I probably have to put up? Is it possible to buy a home without getting a loan?