Buying Realestate in Wash. DC - Posted by Steve sargol

Posted by John on April 06, 2000 at 21:38:09:

Hi Steve,
I too have the course and we, my daughter and I,are working diligently to make this work. It is, I believe as the course points out, a numbers game. We have met a few folks out there who we are in the process of negotiating with. The HUD and VA have a good deal almost weekly. We are actively pursuing all avenues. We are just getting started. And we have faced much as far as minor set backs. We are VERY certain that we will do well. We are also aware this is not going to happen over night.

We are looking for Investor Clubs in the Area. I think that will also be a big help. We have gone out to meet people who can help, Title agents, lenders, Real Estate Agents and the like. It is a pleasant surprise how many will just help out and point out others who can help. Hang in there. You will do well.

Buying Realestate in Wash. DC - Posted by Steve sargol

Posted by Steve sargol on April 05, 2000 at 12:53:28:

Hi all… I’ve purchased Carlton Sheets real estate course and though the information is useful it is not useful to me. Here’s why…I live in NW Wahington D.C. The housing market here is very tight. People are flocking to purchase homes here and are paying sellers MORE than the asking price for their properties. I make a very moderate income and have absolutely no cash to spare. Without sounding too pathetic…is there anyone out there who can show me how to purchase a property, no money down, in this city??? I’m desperate to get into real estate investing to become financially independent and have my own home. Can anyone out there help?

PS ( if anyone knows where to send a personal email or letter to Carlton Sheets I’d like to do so and explain directly to HIM what the market is like here. Mabey even challenge him to show that no money down deals ARE possible in DC.

Steven Sargol