Buying vacant property


I want to buy a property that has been vacant for 10+ years. The previous owners filed bankruptcy. Numerous investors in my area have attempted to acquire the home but nobody can find an owner. I thought about attempting to buy the note(s) instead but would need to find what company owns those. I would greatly appreciate any advice on what to do or who to contact for help.
Thank you


Look well before you leap.

Ten years, no maintenance, no care, dry rot, termites, roaches, water damage, all sorts of pests.

Is is actually worth the time and effort?


Property Management

Property also introduces a host of issues you don’t normally face when buying a house. There are all sorts of restrictions that could apply to a vacant lot Buying an empty property may seem a daunting project, but with a little time.We have five suggestions on how you might find an empty property:on the market quick selling properties that are likely to appeal strongly to many buyers.A for-sale house that’s been vacant may look like a bargain, but buyers should be cautious because expensive problems often lurk inside homes.How to Buy an Abandoned House. An abandoned house is a property that is vacant.Procedures for Buying Vacant Lots and Residential Structures.Find a Rehabbed Home to Buy. These formerly vacant properties have been rehabbed by developers and are currently on the market.

Property Management


I do believe it will be worth my time and effort but I will do a thorough property investigation before finalizing any deal. I have a long background in construction and home building so that part of the project is a breeze. However, being a newbie investor, I am struggling to figure out how to buy the property. No body wants to admit they own the home so that makes it hard to make someone an offer!
I appreciate all advice on being cautious, but what I really need is help figuring out how to make the deal happen.
Thank you