Calif. forclosures/deals/lists. - Posted by Bill


Posted by gm on March 11, 1999 at 24:14:11:

Bill, i’ve taken the mastering the art of forclosures program, and i don’t have the $3,000 to spend on the bruce norris program do you think the mastering program was enough? what really helped you in finding those 2 deals.


Calif. forclosures/deals/lists. - Posted by Bill

Posted by Bill on January 15, 1999 at 16:43:18:

I’ve looked into a lot of different programs, seminars,ect. and so far the best one I’ve run into is a company called Daliy Default Info Service(The Wealth Institute). They sell a daliy list of defaulted/trustee-sale/r.e.o. property for all the northeren Ca. counties that is updated daliy with complete and accurate info. They also give training courses and life time consultation; as well as finance deals for their clients. Following their training, my wife and I found our first two deals on the third day’s list we recieved. Another thing I like about them is they are a small family-owen business that’s been around for about 12 years. I think they’re worth a try. If you want to check them out, call 1-800-330-7730.