Calif. not friendly to Lonnie Deals!!!! - Posted by Mike (Fresno Ca)

Posted by Ron on June 20, 2000 at 14:00:56:

Mike, You might need to expand your horizons. This is a business that has rules and you should make every effort to follow them. However, you may have missed the point that Dirk made.(It was so subtle :slight_smile: ) Look up from the “rule book” and examine the successful way in which Dirk has conducted business in California.

Calif. not friendly to Lonnie Deals!!! - Posted by Mike (Fresno Ca)

Posted by Mike (Fresno Ca) on June 10, 2000 at 16:31:06:

Read Wheel on Deals and want to do Lonnie deals in
the state of California. It appears you first must
be licensed as a dealer, which involves passing a
test and paying over $1,000 every two years for the
dealer license. You must also have a business office.
If you do not have two years prior experience as a
mobile home salesman, you cannot become a dealer
unless you are a college graduate. (I am a college
graduate, not sure what that has to do with mobile
homes.) Is there anybody in California doing Lonnie
deals that can verify my research?

well what comes to mind straight away would be - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on June 11, 2000 at 23:36:14:

Hi Mike,
I do have a couple of suggestions.
a.) if you need a licisnece than get one.
You are right it’s around a grand or so and a week end.
b.) or simply buy dicounted notes that are already made and recorded etc.
hope that helps

Ask Dirk Roach (NT) - Posted by PeteH(NYC)

Posted by PeteH(NYC) on June 11, 2000 at 22:59:45:


Re: Calif. not friendly to Lonnie Deals!!! - Posted by JohnE

Posted by JohnE on June 10, 2000 at 18:54:00:


Get a Ca. Real Estate Brokers license instead.
See Ca. dept. of R.E. more details at

Exception to holding a dealers license are…

Exception: Persons holding a valid real estate brokers license issued by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) may sell used manufactured homes which have been registered with HCD, or have been installed on a permanent foundation system pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 18551. Business and Professions Code Section 10131.6 relates additional information on permissible manufactured home sales by real estate brokers.


Re: Calif. not friendly to Lonnie Deals!!! - Posted by Mike (Fresno, Ca.

Posted by Mike (Fresno, Ca. on June 10, 2000 at 19:28:16:

Thanks for the info John E. I checked the the
website that you recommended however I still think
I am better off with the mobile home dealers license. The California real estate brokers license may cost less, however it it appears that
you need 8 college level courses. My guess the
mobile home dealers license courses are not as
involved as the real estate license courses.
The HCD web page lists some courses and the courses seem very simple, such as a 6 hour
introduction to mobile homes regulations,
2 hour escrow class etc.
Any more advice you can offer would be appreciated.