Can I be my own Closing agent as a Broker? - Posted by Mike Anderson

Posted by Jim IL on January 24, 2001 at 01:26:43:

I seem to recall Bronchick having a course or something that teaches you how to close your own deals.
Check out his website at

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Jim IL

Can I be my own Closing agent as a Broker? - Posted by Mike Anderson

Posted by Mike Anderson on January 24, 2001 at 24:43:21:

Hello, I am in Minnesota. It has been a while since I have been to this web-site. I learned alot. After a year i have 5 properties now and made over $100,000 profit. I most of it to the help i got from people here. I thought i had graduated from this web-site, but now I see myself coming back for more to go to the next level.

The situation i am in is, I am selling this property. I have used a closing attorney several times to close deals for me. He is pretty good. But what the problem is, i depend on his schedule. And not many attorneys deal with back to back closings here because of the “FLIPPING” scare. so far, i can draw up my own documents, mortgage, deed, and so on. I also learned how to do the HUD-1 form. I noticed at closings, all we did was fill out the papers I have him and a few other ones from the state and federal. And i end up paying him $1,000. So what my question is, Can I do this myself?

I have a company who wants to buy my note. they have a list of things they want. I can order title through a title company. Me and the buyer can get a notary and close ourself. And file documents. Is this Possible? i know people feel it’s better to use an attorney. I have so many copies of olf transactions, i understand it. However, they want to me to send them wirring instructions. Who would they send the money to? Can i have a friend incorp to and start a title company to have money sent there?