Can This Be Done??? - Posted by Phillip

Posted by WilliamGA on May 24, 2000 at 24:28:52:


The husband may in fact quit claim his interest in the house to his wife. All that has to be done is for him to complete a quit claim deed, have it notarized, and record it at the county courthouse. At that point, he will no longer have any claim to the property and she will be the sole owner, free to do with the property as she wishes without his approval or permission.

Getting released from responsibility on the mortgage is another matter however. Even though he has literally given away his interest in the house, he will still be responsible for the repayment of the mortgage until it is satisfied. He can try to get the lender to release him from this liability, but the chances of this happening are slim to none.


Can This Be Done??? - Posted by Phillip

Posted by Phillip on May 24, 2000 at 24:17:26:

A co-worker asked me today whether or not it is possible for her husband to quit claim his half of their rather expensive upper scale home to her? What is the procedure for something like this? From what she did not say it appears that he is preparing to leave and just wants out from the responsibility

Maybe his name will remain on the deeds until the mortgage is either paid off or refinanced, correct?