Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by Rick Anglen

Posted by jerri on January 01, 2001 at 16:14:17:

I appreciate your comments. However, your name suits you…your response was quite sarcastic.

I would not recommend this coaching program for everyone…However, I personally work best when I have someone to be accountable to. Yes, I could have learned some of the stuff on my own…I said that.

The eight weeks I talked about is a time when you have ASSIGNMENTS…I was not thrown into the big bad world. I have resources available to me for the next 4 months for help with contracts, cash flow analysis, etc.

And I have not learned “everything there is to know” from the personal coaching…but it did give me a jump start that I would not have had otherwise.

Just FYI: I have read the No Money Down book 3 times, and listened to the CDs 6 times…and every time I have learned more and more.

Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by Rick Anglen

Posted by Rick Anglen on December 28, 2000 at 12:48:27:

I am giving serious consideration to signing up for Mr. Sheets coaching program to help get started in investing. However I would really like to hear from more people who have done this and get some feedback - good, bad or indifferent.

Thank you,

Re: Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by Brewster,Hugh

Posted by Brewster,Hugh on March 22, 2001 at 18:09:38:

I have no idea how to do some of the things you show us on your tapes,cd’s,and videos. I am a little confused and need a little help. I was hoping that you might give me a few tips/pointers. I have no money but I am really enthused about your methods and strategys. something is wrong with my e-address.

Re: Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by Concerned Netizen

Posted by Concerned Netizen on March 17, 2001 at 18:45:54:

You people are incredible. Sheets is one of the biggest quasi-legal scam artists going. I am sure you all routinely give money to scumbag TV evalgelists and whenever you can - play the slots in Nevada truck stops…

You just feeding swine. suckers.

Re: Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by CA-SURFER

Posted by CA-SURFER on March 02, 2001 at 04:25:14:

I would like to add that John T. Reed provides a good run-down of the Cheats course at but he actually goes to easy on them.
My suggestion: stay as far away as you can from Carleton Cheats and Company. Run! Run away! Cover your ears and eyes and do a Jim Carrey exit away from the tv screen. Whenever I see Mr. Cheats on tv, I add some horns on his head to the picture. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I was extremely disappointed and disillusioned with all of it: course and coaching. Be especially on guard if “Mick Slick” calls you by phone from the Cheats organization and tries to suck you into the coaching. I wish I would have hung up. If only. there are farbetter re courses than this out there. far, far better. Oh well. Learn and move on.

Re: Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by CA-SURFER

Posted by CA-SURFER on March 02, 2001 at 04:12:51:

The worst $1,600 loss I ever suffered, both emotionally and financially, and I will never buy anything from the Carleton Cheats organization again. I think the course and coaching is complete over-simplistic garbage throughout and with absurd property pricing examples. I live in expensive Southern California and I laughed out loud when I saw the $50,000 property examples. The coach admittd to me “It’s going to be tough.” and “You’re just going to have to make friends with a real estate agent.” The agents I talked to asked “You’re…not trying to do nothing-down…are you?” In my opinion, these are the worst type of organization to deal with: stubborn, unethical, immoral, and completelt lacking character.

Re: Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by Jerri

Posted by Jerri on December 28, 2000 at 20:50:54:

I took the personal coaching course. You can learn a lot the first 8 weeks. The course is very structured and make you do the things you should have done on your own…just now you have someone holding you accountable. There is also a resource line…I used that A LOT!!! Any time I found a property and just wanted some asurance about it…and sometimes they just tell you to walk away. The only part that I am disappointed in is that after your 8 sessions (weeks) with your personal coach, all you have after that is the resource line for the next 4 months…no one personal to hold you accountable.
But if you want to know if I thought it was worth all that money and if I would do it again…ABSOLUTELY!!! I learned a great deal, got out there and made the calls and educated myself, and utilized their resource line a whole lot. But the rest is up to me!

Re: Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by WILFREDO MARTINEZ

Posted by WILFREDO MARTINEZ on December 28, 2000 at 14:56:40:

Hi"I’ve had the course for more than 15yrs. And because
I drop out of school I never had the Education I thoughtI need to read, I listen to the tapes, butI don’t have the my high school diploma still. So I belive that I can do this works, but I will work on what Carleton has to offer. So if I need any help, I’ll appriciate some. Becase me too!I’m seriously
considering to take advantage of the help.Do you have to pay?

Re: Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by sassylassy

Posted by sassylassy on January 01, 2001 at 06:49:20:

eight weeks is not enough time for a beginner to be let go on their own into the big bad world most escrows here in Ca take at least 3 months and I have no idea the price tag for the one on one coaching but it doesn’t sound like a real bargain…could you have learned the same “hard knocks” without being accountable to your paid coach? You mentioned the coach’s advise was to walk away from some deals did you ever find a “successful transaction” during your hand holding weeks? Did you gain the right knowledge as a direct result of the “coaching 8 wks” to know how to really really track down jump and seal a “good” deal when you find one? Just curious…Now, take a deep breath smile then Go back to the basics of the Sheets book and forms! This time really study the techniques…Pump yourself up and "JUST DO IT! jump right in and try some negociations the worst you’ll ever encounter is the word:“NO”. After a while “the chase” will be the fun part of your new career and when you hear Yes and see your checks that will be the most “awesome” experience! you don’t need to pay someone to be accountable to someone just jump in and get “practice” on the playing feild soon you’ll be yelling “yippee another point for my team”. Look it as a game have some fun learn to smile at your self and your mistakes are your best teacher. If you don’t “try” you’ll never know “why”!
Happy New Year Everyone (: Sassylassy

Re: Carleton sheets coaching program - Posted by Maurice

Posted by Maurice on December 30, 2000 at 14:36:37:

I appreciate your comments on the personal coaching. Question did you buy any property creativy?

Re: Sheets coaching program- But? - Posted by Shaun

Posted by Shaun on December 29, 2000 at 06:18:51:

Have you made any deals? Thats a whole lot of money, unless it produces something.