Carleton Sheets Coaching Program - Posted by Steven

Posted by Bob Thornton on June 03, 1999 at 16:17:22:

Ive attemped to cope with the program and the coaching company.I think if a program(CDS)is purched then they should offer a program that goes along with the program that is for a set time limit of 30 to 90 days and 15 TO 25 call or 25 contact help at no extra cost to the purcher.Ive had the program for 6 months tried very hard to under stand and I found that the program I bought was over two years old that is right OVER 2 TWO years old and manny thing were wrong and no longer in use nor diod it apply I bought the CDs and they sent old copys parts of then were running together - saying the same words over and over. I tryed calling 12 times they sent me another copy and the same thing was on the same part I took the CDs to a computer company to try and repair them-they couldnt repairs the CDs at a computers and CD repair and service etc. they said send them back it the CDs..They were selling something that only worked 85 to 90% Well I tryed again no help-Im stuck with CDs that are out dated and does not work right …when they are talking about 10%to12% present interest rates and the current interest going rate they said,and for over two years its been 8%-7%-6%-and now 6.65% to 7.67%THESE CDs ARE OLD!!! (well they had money tired up in out dated information). Well also information also changes,when rates change.I paid Money for something I did not RECEIVE CORRECTED…Whats sad is I belived in the program and they just took my money ran a credit check found out I could buy what I wanted with SIX FIGER lines off unsecure credit and started calling me to get me to buy- help-and I almost did untill I told him about the tapes and they could not help me and said for 2400.00 dollors they would help me 1 hour a week, one call each week for so long a time " Carleton sheets why? " THEY DONT WANT TO HELP THEY WANT YOUR MONEY IT`S A SHAME THAT SOME PEOPLE CAN ONLY SEE $$$$$$$ that very inportant in our society and so is human FEELING and CAREing this is my story. I just wish I could get help with the CDs I bought and some little help about what IS ON the CDs- what some information means on the CDs at leasr a COPy of the now CDs not 2 or 3 years old thanks carleton sheets!!!

Carleton Sheets Coaching Program - Posted by Steven

Posted by Steven on June 03, 1999 at 12:31:05:

I feel that the Carleton Sheets Self Study course is the best thing out there, and highly recommend this to anyone.

As far as the Coaching program is concerned, the salesman was rude, inconsiderate, all about pressure. Making comments such as,“You won’t be successful without this coaching program.” “You are not serious about your future.” “You don’t want a better life.”

The pressure comes to the point that they want you to make a decision whether or not there is an agreement between your spouse. To put it simply, it caused a HUGE disagreement between me and my wife, and therefore, I decided not to do it, and for the fact, I did not feel good about the program. The guy made me feel like crap for backing out. I feel good about the home course, but not the coaching program.

Well, the thoughts for the day. Carry on.

Re: Carleton Sheets Coaching Program - Posted by Gladys_IL.

Posted by Gladys_IL. on June 06, 1999 at 10:22:28:

CS course is a good starter and does help your mind to think in the right direction.
As for his coaching, that was a waste of money.
I purchased a couple months ago Ron Lagrands courses
and they explain in detail what you need to know.
If your going to spend for coaching I would highly
reccommend one of his Boot camps and courses.