Carleton Sheets - Posted by sheila

Posted by Randy on October 01, 2003 at 11:46:35:

I can?t help you on the first part of your question regarding Canada investments except to suggest you do a search in the archives for ?Canada? or Canadian Investing? I?m sure you will find the subject has been covered previously.

Regarding the ?Personal Coaching System? my suggestion is Don?t Waste Your Money… It is a huge rip-off. They charge thousands of dollars for information you can get at this site for free, Just ask.

Carleton Sheets - Posted by sheila

Posted by sheila on October 01, 2003 at 11:30:45:

My husband and I were wondering if anyone out there is from Canada who also may be familiar with the Carleton Sheets progam. It seems totally geared towards US residents. Also the techniques and terms and jargon is confusing to us. Did anyone else find this? We are very new to real estate investing. I am not a rocket scientist, maybe I need to be, but I cannot understand how to buy real estate with no money down in Canada. Can some one give us some advice. Also has any one used a perosnal coach from this program and has that been worth the huge money they want for this service?

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Posted by Clair-MO on October 01, 2003 at 12:29:42:

Sheila, I have mentored several folks in Canada in using Carleton Sheets’ program and also have help a man in Ireland in doing what I am doing with Carleton Sheets’ program here in USA. My recommendation is to check with a real estate attorney in Canada regarding the legal forms. Creatively buying and selling of properties can be done throughout the whole world but it does take knowledge of what you are doing to do so. The man in Ireland checked with a constable (attorney) in his area and was told there was nothing illegal in buying and selling real estate creatively. Lease option is his specialty and he is doing remarkably well last I heard. He was going into Spain and Portagal with his investing.

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Posted by Jeanne on October 01, 2003 at 12:10:56:

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