Carlton Sheets, does it really work - Posted by Giovanna

Posted by Nicolas on February 18, 2000 at 05:59:06:

Hey I might check that out myself.Is it an open meeting ?for anybody that wants to attend?

Carlton Sheets, does it really work - Posted by Giovanna

Posted by Giovanna on February 17, 2000 at 03:04:30:

I just got finished listening to the infomercial regarding Carlton Sheets program. Well does it work is my question. I currently was laid off from work, I am a single parent and educated. I have read the testimonials here, but I am not convinced the investment of 3pmts of 59.95 is worth it. Can anyone prove me wrong! Help feedback, honest feed back is what I am looking for. I live in California in the Bay Area and housing is expensive will his program work here. Does anybody know. Feedback please.

Re: Carlton Sheets, does it really work - Posted by rowe111

Posted by rowe111 on February 25, 2000 at 16:08:22:

The Bay Area is a tough market. There isn’t enough inventory for Realtors to sell in most areas! You may have to go up against buyers with approved mortgages in hand. Also, in the event you do find a properties with flexible sellers, with the prices here, you may be limited as to how many mortgage you can handle. Not trying to discourage you. I live in the same area as well, and am facing the same realities.

Re: Carlton Sheets, does it really work - Posted by Cynthia

Posted by Cynthia on February 17, 2000 at 17:47:26:

This program will work if you do, granted it’s not easy espically in a tuff market. It will take more time and work, however my father had great success using this many years ago. I am now a REALTOR and learned much from him prior to becomming one.
Look for a creative Lender to help you, ask friends ect. because you won’t believe what can be done . Then search for a GOOD agent tell them that you are new too this and ask for help, but please when you find them stick by them, by that I mean when you sell a property use them not some Joe who is willing to list and sell for all most nothing, after all the first one got you there to begin with and they will stick by you and always be on the look out for a DEAL.

Best of luck


Re: Carlton Sheets, does it really work - Posted by Mark (SDCA)

Posted by Mark (SDCA) on February 17, 2000 at 11:45:55:

Carleton is much tougher to apply in Cali… That is why I sent it back. Carleton’s focus is buy and hold for cash flow. That is tough to do in Cali with nothing down. You best bets out here are flips or lease options. Maybe multi-unit buildings.



Re: Carlton Sheets, does it really work - Posted by Bill (OH)

Posted by Bill (OH) on February 17, 2000 at 04:24:49:

Does what really work? Can you buy properties for no money down? Yes, however you still may have to pay closing costs----make sure and ask whatever lender you are dealing with for a ‘good faith estimate’ of the closing costs. In Nov. I bought a three family for no money down from Bank United in Texas. However, you do need good credit!

Is the course worth $180 dollars? I would again say yes. I’m a realtor/investor with a law degree and the usual cost for a continuing education class of the length of Carleton Sheets course is about $180. I use it as a reference and idea generator.

Is this course the end all/be all? No! No course can do that for you. One of the things that Carleton advises his purchasers to do is to find an investment club that can teach you all of the ins’ and outs’ that can make you an outstanding success as an investor. I’m fortunate to live close to Cincinnati and we have a Real Estate Investors Association that is very strong in this state. I don’t know if there is such a thing in the Bay Area, but keep looking.

Do the techniques in the course work? Yes! I bought the course at the urging of my wife, and was very skeptical. When I got the course I picked it up and thumbed through it to see if Carleton had any of the creative techniques that my company uses----and he did! Two quick examples:
Carleton discussed renting mobile homes in ‘owners only’ parks by giving the renter a percentage ownership in return for a quitclaim deed. I’ve done this, and it works. Carleton also talked about ‘Pledge Mortgages’----assets (usually stocks, bonds and cd’s) are pledged as collateral for a down payment (usually by mom/dad for an adult son/daughter). Again, the company I work for has used this technique many times. So, I kept the course and I do use it frequently as an excellent reference manual.

So, it’s a good starting point but don’t stop there…

It sure does! Giovanna - Posted by Nicolas

Posted by Nicolas on February 17, 2000 at 03:20:45:

I have been heavily researching the program for three days solid and I mean solid I have looked up these programs upside down.I would bookmark this page in your favorites button there is so much info here at this sight as you will find out.I have also looked up the other guy on TV (Russ whitney) and have not had a very good turn out with him and his repor.I live in the North west area (portland )and have already ordered the sheets program and am also looking into the Ron Legrand who sound very good and was recommended very highly to me by all my freinds that are in this business.I can not wait to get my sheets kit and get started I Have already done enough research on this sight alone to start so Hurry up and dont wait it worth it !!!
nick Portland Oregon

Re: It sure does! Giovanna - Posted by Ryan Cook

Posted by Ryan Cook on February 17, 2000 at 17:05:39:

Nick… I’m in Portland also, and I was wondering if you had gone to any of the REI club meetings?? I was thinking about attending the one at Izzys pizza in the southgate shopping center… But I usually work on the days that the meetings are held… Do you know if it is a good group for a newbie???

Please respond!!!ryan - Posted by Nicolas

Posted by Nicolas on February 17, 2000 at 21:13:19:

Hey, good to hear from someone here at home.No, I did not even know they had those meetings.I am a newbie too, and have been looking for one also.What part of portland are you from.

Re: Please respond!!!ryan - Posted by Ryan Cook

Posted by Ryan Cook on February 17, 2000 at 22:09:28:

I grew up in Clackamas… Right now I live just north of vancouver… I found a list of REI clubs on this site… and I want to go to meeting… The next one is on the first monday in march at 6:30 at the izzy’s pizza on 102 and halsey… I’m going to try to go