Cash Flow in Boise?? - Posted by Scotty B.

Posted by Mark, Ca on May 19, 2006 at 18:51:29:

General Info Idaho Real Estate Info, Stats Etc

Population Change Projections

675,671 or 52.2 % source through 2015 source

Job Creation/Income Growth 2% to 4% above National Level from 1985 to 2005
Forecast Projections 1% to 2% Above National level through 2009.
Current Un-Employment Rate in Boise 3.4% versus a National unemployment rate of 4.7% as of April 6, 2006

Median Income $46,244

Crimes as % population 1.2% versus national average of 1.4%

School Rating AAA

Sales Tax Rate 5%

State Income Tax Rate 7.8%

Property Tax 1.2 to 1.8% with a $75,000 or 50% owner exception which ever is less

Workers Comp $11.00 per $100.00 for carpenters

Maximum Un-Employment payout $374 weekly

Major Employers

Cost Of Living Index 94 for Idaho versus 144 for Californian

24% of Properties in ADA and Canyon County are Investor Owned 11% of units are vacant Tract builders do not limit Investor Purchases

Plats Filed
2000 3815
2001 3432
2002 3168
2003 6008
2004 6680
2005 9119
2006 11788
6 Month Permit Increase 28% versus a 3% Nationally

Employment/Permit ratio of 1 or higher suggest a healthy market. It shows job growth is out pacing the building rate

August 30, 2003 the E/P Ratio was at 3.6
As of May 5, 2006 the E/P Ratio has dropped to 1.1

Housing Construction Balance 2006

In migration 7,157
Total Units to be built 10,188
Over-Under supply +3031 or over built 36% in 2006

Local RE Stats
Median Price $224,535 up 31% Y/O/Y Down 3% M/O/M
DOM 80 increasing
% of Ask Price 98% Flat
Inventory Trend Increasing up 78% Y/OY ( does not include new construction)
Pending Sales Trend Decreasing
NODS Increasing up 16% Y/OY
Rentals Available Increasing 14% Y/O/Y
% of Income 38%

RE History

Total Homes Sales 2004 19,233
Total Investor Homes Sales 2004 2,421 0r 12%

Total Homes Sales 2005 24,233
Total Investor Homes Sales 2005 4,674 or 19.3%

Current Homes Sales 2006 14,233
Total Investor Homes Sales 2005 3,998 or 28.3%

Nampa is Canyon County you need to be careful as it is in a serious flood plain.

I just got back two weeks ago, lots of speculators


Cash Flow in Boise?? - Posted by Scotty B.

Posted by Scotty B. on May 16, 2006 at 21:04:30:

I’ve been looking at a few properties in Bosie and all though the prices are very cheap there, it looks like the rents there are also very low making cash flow difficult. Does anyone else on here invest in the Boise area and see a potential for rents to raise in the near future. Also, maybe I am looking in the wrong areas too, what area’s have the best cashflow??

Re: Cash Flow in Boise?? - Posted by Virgil Horner

Posted by Virgil Horner on May 19, 2006 at 24:06:43:


My partner lives in Nampa, and he says that Caldwell is the best place for cash flow. He says you can call him and talk, his number is 208-989-6095.