Casting a big net - Posted by Michael

Posted by Brent_IL on January 13, 2004 at 14:51:32:

I’d look for potential scouts as I drove the neighborhood. You can usually find the mail carrier, and will sometimes see the meter readers cutting through the backyards.

I’m not a big fan of paying for leads that don’t go anywhere. I think it’s problematic. I’d rather pay more for leads that actually close. This requires solid information gathering, e.g., contact info, and some indication that the sellers are willing to deal. This necessitates some kind of simple training so the birddog knows exactly what I?m looking for and doesn?t get discouraged, and they understand that they can make a lot of money, but that it?s not get-rich-quick.

You?ll need to practice giving a one-minute talk about the benefits to the scout of working with you. Folks have to be able to visualize themselves accomplishing this task without a lot of complication.

We have an info sheet that we ask birddogs to fill out as accurately as they can. The back has check-off boxes about the condition of the property; I don?t care about that too much. However, the front asks questions similar to those asked by Joe Kaiser in his How-To article at These are the important questions because I only want to talk to those sellers who are ready to pick up the pen. If they are not so inclined, I don?t care what they?re selling.

Working with scouts and birddogs is not as effortless as some would believe. It takes a definite skill set and clearly established expectations. If you aren?t careful, you can do a lot of wheel-spinning.

Casting a big net - Posted by Michael

Posted by Michael on January 12, 2004 at 23:55:44:

Hello, I have placed ads in the newspaper, and frequently drive neighborhoods where I then contact potential sellers by mail. Looking at getting as many lines out there as possible to keep the flow of leads coming in. I was thinking about getting several scouts that already hit the streets daily, and wanted to get your feedback on how to go about this. I would like to contact people such as postal workers, people who check gas and electrical meter levels, delivery people of all sorts, newspaper carriers, etc… I figure most of these are on and hourly rate, and would like to keep them motivated by offering not only a nice fee (say $300-$500) for a property that I purchase/flip, but also a small amount for each house, say .25 or so (for qualified leads). Anyone got a system up that they would like to share? I am mainly searching for run down properties and vacant homes to either wholesale, and even rehab a good find myself (utilizing a contractor).