Children will not sell. Medicaid problem? - Posted by GeorgeF

Posted by Ron(SC) on November 16, 2000 at 05:48:05:

First, if there is really no interest in selling, there is no use is speculating. Not to be cold, but keep your eyes on the obituaries.

If there are objections, these can be addressed. If there is interest, you might want to engage a lawyer to
review their options, which could include:

  1. A lease option
  2. A gift to the children, who then sell
  3. A healthcare trust

Because Medicaid is a state program, rules vary. In my state, the receipient may keep their personal residence and personal property, but must sell everything else and exhaust those resources before obtaining Medicaid funds. Additionally, many states will file against the estate to recover any Medicaid funds spent.

Good Luck

Children will not sell. Medicaid problem? - Posted by GeorgeF

Posted by GeorgeF on November 15, 2000 at 18:59:54:

I have located some vacant buildings. I have contacted the parties that pay the real estate taxes but they will not sell. What I believe is going on is that the buildings are owned by a very old person in an old age home. The children do not want to sell. This may be because it is hard to get a power of attorney or because all the proceeds will go to medicaid. The title of these properties are often in the name of a deceased spouse so concealing things from medicaid is fairly simple.

Any suggestions as to how I can purchase these properties.