Cincinnati, OH investors are SCUM! - Posted by D. Short

Posted by js-Indianapolis on September 05, 2003 at 18:38:28:

Not only did you miss what I said, you then throw in all sorts of irrelevant info that is a far stretch fromt he point.

"Heck, I can show you 4 different versions of Homevestor signs in use where i am."
Ohhh…that will ??? do what? I don’t give a hoot if you have 4 or 40, they’re all trashy looking, and tarnish the image of the industry. You don’t see fortune 500 companies paying people to post “bandits”.

Let me spell it out, these signs are cheap, look cheap, and cheapen the business. Recently in Indy we had an “investigative report” on the evening news. It started with “You ever see those WE BUY HOUSES signs on the side of the road?” Terrible misleading report, but it’s what the public saw. If all those people posting bandits were advertising on that channel, or in the Indy Star (Channel’s partner), would they have done the report?

Listen, anyone can put up a sign with a cell phone number. The media knows this, the public was just informed of this, and now our BBB here won’t take any new “WE BUY HOUSES” people. We can’t even get into the BBB, the most corrupt organization of them all. What does that say about the image of this business?

Project a more positive image for the business than climbing telephone poles with ugly signs. It’s unprofessional, and you know it. Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s professional. Keep acting unprofessional, and this industry will get more regulation; like the FHA 90 day rule.

It’s all about image. If you show people that you advertise unprofessionally, what are they going to think about the way you run the rest of your business?

Cincinnati, OH investors are SCUM! - Posted by D. Short

Posted by D. Short on September 04, 2003 at 11:45:11:

I?ve posted this on another site or two and I thank those who have responded, but there are daily updates to the story.

Local newspaper does two day/front page series on ?illegal flipping?, and putting things like ?rent-to-own? in a bad light. The articles list several local players and interviews past and current presidents of the local REIA.

How would you let this affect your daily business operations?

In the latest article in today?s newspaper, there was quote from a Homevestor?s chief executive that said, ?He believes investors who post “bandit” signs are more likely to be involved in dubious deals. This gives the legitimate investors a bad reputation?.

For those of you who have been through this type of ?expose, how did it affect your business?

Thanks for your input?

Re: Cincinnati, OH investors are SCUM! - Posted by js-Indianapolis

Posted by js-Indianapolis on September 04, 2003 at 13:56:42:

This is partly to blame on people’s ignorance, and media frenzies created by one or two idiot investors doing idiot things. We just got clobbered last month on the evening news because of one investor, with two bad deals. I talked to a seller today who tells me he’ll not do a sub to, as he and the rest of the military base he’s on has been advised by the military lawyers, as well as the UAL (whatever that is) to never do so. They’ve put the word out, as there was someone in the area buying sub to, and defaulting. BTW, that investor is now in jail for something. Don’t have all the details, but I understand he was jacking around more than just on sub to’s.

Now, the other part needs to be shouldered by those of you who go around climbing telephone poles, and littering those ugly bumblebee colored signs all over. I know they work in the short term. In the end though, they hurt the industry as a whole. Makes it look no better than the “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me how” crowd, or any MLM crap. Total garbage and not an image I want to project. Congrats, BANDITS.

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Posted by Rob FL on September 04, 2003 at 12:22:34:

This “illegal flipping” business has been around for years. If you think it’s bad in Ohio, try places like Baltimore and Miami where this stuff has run rampant for many years.

Motivated sellers are often leary, but I always offer to show them proof of my membership with the BBB as well as a whole book of references from satisfied customers. That normally calms their fears.

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Posted by joe bandit on September 04, 2003 at 14:41:04:

so, are you saying that the whole reason that the people were not paying the houses they took subject to was because they use bandit signs? That is the Key Indicator to someone likely to default?

Heck, I can show you 4 different versions of Homevestor signs in use where i am. Are they all likely to be involved in “dubious” deals? Hey, they have to go through the HV’s marketing department to get the approval to use the logo’s.
congrats, bandits? how about congrats Mac Trucks for the drivers who fall asleep and have an accident because of that darn big rig? opps, someone had a little too much to drink and there goes the reputation of ford. Not that ford has much of a reputation to begin with.

Re: Cincinnati, OH investors are SCUM! - Posted by js-Indianapolis

Posted by js-Indianapolis on September 04, 2003 at 13:48:37:

The BBB won’t take any “WE BUY HOUSES” people here. When you request membership, they will request every contract you use in your business. Do other industries get treated the same way? No way.