Clueless in Texas - Posted by DONOVAN YARBROUGH

Posted by Bert TX on September 02, 2003 at 15:12:29:

I’d start by repairing your credit. It’ll go a long way in helping you secure loans to buy properties. Do a google search for advice on how to do repair credit. I raised my score 50 points by just making a few phone calls, now Im being bombarded with credit offers and have no problem getting loans extended to me.

Clueless in Texas - Posted by DONOVAN YARBROUGH

Posted by DONOVAN YARBROUGH on August 17, 2003 at 21:49:51:

I haven’t purchased Carlton Seets’ program yet. I am very confused about something. How can a guy like me with no spare money, bad credit and owner of NO property and living in an apartment buy and sell in real estate. It just doesn’t seem possible when the infomercial says you can start immediately with my first deal. How can I just walk out of my apartment and sell a property without having something to sell?

idea… - Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA)

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on August 17, 2003 at 23:14:29:

Donavan Yarbrough-----------

Can you borrow a gun so you can rob some banks to get you started?

----Joke Alert—you have been attacked by a purported joke—Joke Alert------

It is not easy. You will have to put a lot of effort into doing it. You will have to learn under what circumstance you might be able to buy a property without using cash. If you do so, then you can resell for some profit.

If you read the main board of this CREONLINE.COM website for a couple of days, you probably will begin to see how it is possible.

You need also to read the success stories, the how to hints, and the money-making ideas forums of this site.

Then, when you understand how it is done, it will take a lot of effort to make it happen.

You don’t indicate where you are. In some areas it is easier than in other areas. Mainly it depends upon how “hot” is the real estate market where you practice.

Good Investing*Ron Starr