coaching/mentoring - Posted by Dave

Posted by Brad Crouch on July 24, 2003 at 12:20:44:


Here is an idea for you that won’t cost you anything. Go through the “HOW TO” articles, “SUCESS STORIES” and “MONEY MAKING IDEAS” sections of this website. Read everything, but print out everything written by Joe Kaiser. Then search the archived posts, here. Print out anything posted by Joe Kaiser, that contains any descriptive text (not the ones that consist of off-hand comments).

Now punch three holes in all the papers you have printed, and buy a three ring notebook to hold everything. Then you will have the book/course you’re looking for . . . for free! When you have the money, you might want to buy Joes courses as well.


coaching/mentoring - Posted by Dave

Posted by Dave on July 24, 2003 at 11:39:39:

had a guy call me from and offer me a mentoring program, guess they got my info from me searching their site. Offered me a coaching program on foreclosres/tax liens etc… for 5k. They have the financing as well, saying that you will get a letter basically pre approving you to buy so much property and they will finance it if the deal is good. I talked to the guy for a while and asked him alot of questions and ultimately said no because I did not want to have buyers remorse and realize 3 mos down the road I could have got the same information for 20 bucks out of a book. On the other hand, I’m stuck right now and would love help… I have done alot of reading and have no fears, just not sure which step to take. I need either a coach, or a book that will outline the steps for me more precisely so I can move foward. Any thoughts or opinions on which way I can go? any good books? Are the programs offered at this site worth 300-600 dollars and which ones? Thanks.