commercial investment properties - Posted by Alan Axelson

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You can get some additional comment of the “been there done that” variety over on the commercial forum. We have many past discussion threads still on the board about businesses and real estate. You can either access the board from the menu at the top left of this page (under Interaction, at “Commercial REI Group”.) Or use this link

A bar (or restaurant… the two are kissing cousins) would be the last venture I would go into if looking for good commercial investment, but that’s just me… unless you’re just feeling adventurous and want some excitement in your life! I’ve had one bar, and been the landlord for another. Regardless of who runs them, they are very hands-on properties.

If it makes sense as a real estate investment without your running the businesses, and assuming that you do have a tenant and not just projecting one, with real lease dollars, then the deal may be worth looking at. Always plan your exit from a deal as carefully as you plan your entrance into a deal, preferrably at the same time. Not too cool to get a property bought and then wake up a year later wondering how the hell to get rid of it.

Especially important is the neighborhood… I would want to see the potential for another use if needed. Zoning is a priority consideration in evaluating the possible exit options for the property.

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commercial investment properties - Posted by Alan Axelson

Posted by Alan Axelson on February 02, 2001 at 17:03:33:

I’ve been involved in the landlord rental market for a bit over ten years along with being a realtor. I specialize in reos and forclosures and own single family homes and duplexes. I’m thinking of trying some commercial investment either in office space or a bar/resturant type of situation. I’ve found two bars, one with a 3 bedroom apartment over it for under 70,000 dollars. They are not in my backyard but about 60 miles from where I live and work. I should mention that I also own and run an entertainment company and could get some work in the bars. I want to lease out the business and not actually run it myself. Any folks out there have any experience with this. (Even in a recession people will drink!) Axel

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Exchanging into a commercial property might get you into the space in a “hands-off” mode - have a look here for examples :