Conti and Finkel - Posted by Don N

Posted by George on March 13, 2002 at 18:44:33:

I ordered their “Streams of Income” book, tapes and work books at the end of January. Nearly 2 weeks passed so I wrote to where I ordered. I was told there was trouble with the drop shipper. Finally received my goods about 10 days later. Unless you want to get into lease purchase, don’t. Ask for a refund.

Conti and Finkel - Posted by Don N

Posted by Don N on March 12, 2002 at 21:01:15:

Does anyone know if these guys still exist?
I ordered a small course 3 weeks ago, and have heard nothing.
Got curious, called the order department, left phone number, email, address, etc. - nothing.
So far, have called 4 times, e-mailed 3 times, each one perhaps a little more sarcastic than the last (couldn’t resist since the web address is

Long story short, I can’t get a response of any kind from anyone who answers the phone other that
"I’ll see that someone get’s this information"

Does anyone actually have any of their courses?
If so, why would they not respond to me in some manner by this time?
I ordered 4 other courses the same day as theirs, I have had them in my hands now for almost 2 weeks!