Contract for deed... Does anyone here know... - Posted by John p. TX

Posted by John P. TX on October 23, 2003 at 08:57:58:

There is time constraints on this deal.
I’m selling a house owner finance,
I need to move fast just so the new owner can pull homeowner permits to do repairs.
Should I write up a purchase agreement set to close at a later date. allowing for a owner finance, or cfd to be executed at the later date to get things rolling.
Also what would be better, a cfd, straight owner finance, or L/O with option for buyer to sign cfd or owner finance at the end of 24 months etc.

any opinions appreciated.

Contract for deed… Does anyone here know… - Posted by John p. TX

Posted by John p. TX on October 23, 2003 at 08:46:38:

If I do a prommisory note and deed of trust when selling my property owner finance (with transfer of deed), is there the same hoops to jump through as a contract for deed?

What would be my advantages of each other than:

easier forclosure on CFD
tax benefits

less bookkeeping / liability on owner finance .