Contractor registration in NJ - Posted by Tom

Posted by MarcNJ on March 25, 2006 at 04:06:38:

I have been rehabbing in NJ since 2000, and this is the first year that I have problems pulling permits, there is a catch 22 for getting your cert from Community Affairs, and that is they want you to list your insurance policy number on the application, but to get a contractors liability policy, you must provide the insurance company a Cert number from NJ Dept of Consumer Affairs.
It is a pain staking problem but like every other problems you have come up against, it can be solved, and I’m now in the process of getting the Cert. I did find an insurer that did not need the Cert # ,b/c I claimed that my crew just does finish carpentry and no roofs or siding, or paint scraping or removal of abspestos siding, etc, etc,. I also stated that we are not general contractors, and after signing to thereof, I got an insurance binder and am on my way to getting the cert., which is needed badly b/c 3 of my rentals, rehabs, have been issued a stop work order many months ago. Give me a email and I’ll try to explain more in depth. Good luck,

Contractor registration in NJ - Posted by Tom

Posted by Tom on March 23, 2006 at 11:57:29:

Hey all,

I am wondering if there are a rehabbers on this board that work in New Jersey. If so, what has been your experience with the new contractor registration law? Are rehabbers now falling under this law because they don’t owner occupy the property as a primary residence? I am currently rehabbing a home and while filling out the permit applications noticed that the only options are: I intend to do the work myself as the owner occupant of the residence or I need to supply my contractors license number.

Has anyone run into any problems with this yet?