Contracts, Attorneys, Title Companys Oh My!

So I’ve yet to buy a property yet and I’m still trying to get legal details straight. I have a couple of questions hopefully some of you can help me with. I’ve look through articles and threads on the forums but really couldn’t find the answer I was looking for.

  1. Do you use a local attorney or online service providers for writing up contracts?
  2. Do you use a contract that was written up by your attorney or online service provider as a template for future deals?
  3. Do you find any major benefits using a local attorney to create a LLC vs. online service providers?
  1. Use a local attorney; online service providers are usually not attorneys

  2. Same answer - don’t be pennywise and poundfoolish when it comes to forms and contracts. Bad forms can get you into BIG trouble.

  3. For LLCs, I will give the same advice. Most online LLC filing services tease you with low rates, then nickel and dime you for needed services that end up costing almost the same as using a lawyer. The most important advice that an online LLC provider cannot give is whether you should even use and LLC vs. a corporation or limited partnership. Again, you get what you pay for when it comes to legal advice.

Use a local attorney and the contract made by him.