Convention 2002 -- Intended audience(?) - Posted by Alex, PA

Posted by phil fernandez on February 17, 2002 at 10:21:30:


The convention is for everyone. From the rank beginner to the seasoned investor. In my opinion these are the big reasons for you as a beginner to attend.

1./ You will be exposed to many different and exciting ways to make money in this business. It will be like a menu presented to you. You can match your personality, market and your goals to the type of investing that you will feel comfortable with.

2./ Once you find a couple of items on the real estate menu that excite you, you will have the opportunity to network with others who have and are employing the specific technique. This networking will be going on all day and all night.

3./ Much of the material and courses are discounted by the speakers at the convention. So if you plan on buying some the convention would be a good place to do it.

4./ You will build long term alliances and make long term friends while you’re at the convention. You may even find a mentor down at the convention to help you out. Many of us do not charge for this. I have a few people that are in contact with me via e mail or phone throughout the year.

So you can see that the convention would certainly benefit someone just starting out. Also if you are planning to go and want to cut down on costs, Jesse CO is looking for a roomate.

Convention 2002 – Intended audience(?) - Posted by Alex, PA

Posted by Alex, PA on February 17, 2002 at 04:47:06:


I am a college student and am interested in learning more about REI. Is the convention greared towards the seasoned pro like you guys or will it be beneficial to a beginner as well? How much should I know before I should consider attending this convention? Is prior deal-making experience necessary?