Posted by Carey_PA on February 29, 2000 at 22:35:06:

Hello all,

I would have written earlier about my convention experience, but i was catching up on my zzzzzz’s :}

I had the best time EVER there, and I learned sooooooo much that my head hurt! I enjoyed meeting everyone that I met and I thank each and everyone of you that i met for the knowledge that you shared.

Phil Phil Phil, you are such a sweetheart, it was a pleasure to FINALLY meet you. You know, i’m just mad that i didn’t go to the convetion the last 2 times everyone told me to go, but you can bet I’ll be there every year from now on.

Oh and the flight home was HORRIBLE! I was holding my hands while sitting on the plane and I was holding on so tightly that my fingers were purple! But hey, it was all worth it. (and I have to agree with steph’s post early where she said she would have been pi$$ed if the plane went down! ya know being filled with so much NEW KNOWLEDGE!)

HEY DIRK! thank you, thank you for all of the time you spent with me talking about mh’s and me NOT doing what i should be doing. i just wanted to let you know that i caught up on my sleep yesterday and I will start WORKING my plan tomorrow! thanks again, i enjoyed finally meeting you!

I finally got to meet PIPER! :slight_smile: what a nice guy who is FILLED with knowledge, i sure wish i would have spotted him earlier on in the convention.

oh and steve cook grrrrrrrrrrrr ya know i still wanna buy you lunch or dinner. I did PROMISE, actually I promised dan too, where was the finkster???

JP, Terry, and Jeanne and everyone else that had anything to do with bringing the convention to us: THANK YOU, the pleasure was all mine! I’ll see you next year!


p.s. boy, i forgot to mention about the speakers didn’t i? lol sorry, but each and everyone of them were EXCELLENT and i learned something from them all. And it was a great pleasure to personally thank Lonnie for his two books and to tell him about the 2 mh deals that i FINALLY did! Thank you again Lonnie!