Cookies and Crumbs for us Dumbs? - Posted by Domineaux

Posted by chris on December 22, 1999 at 06:36:06:

I set up a Hotmail acct seperate from my normal one and did not do a thing with it after set up. I go in there three weeks later and 97 unsolicited spam messages are there. I got in touch with I’ll see how that goes.

Cookies and Crumbs for us Dumbs? - Posted by Domineaux

Posted by Domineaux on December 21, 1999 at 18:04:58:

My system crashed 12 days. As soon as my systems guy got it working in about 2 hours it would start some type of new crap. He found it. A creative COOKIE, that was like a worm or something. This thing corrupted everything and it only got worse after it seemed to be fixed. Principally because the files were cleaned up, and properly set up. Then I ran the computer again and the cookie could make a good run through. It was like giving a COLD to a well machine over and over. My final fix, was to go to FDISK, wipe out all the partitions, reformat and re-install the system. I will have to recreate my files over time.

I now block cookies, do you have any idea how many sites you cannot even access without allowing them to poke in out out of your computer?

I never open an attachment, even from a friend, unless I know the friend created the attachment. This cookie thing caught me good.

Virus software is pretty worthless, unless it is continually searching and researching your computer, and ram memory as you move from site to site. This bit about a trusted site has really gotten home to me. I tried the freerealtime stock quotes and the comps site I use. I cannot use those sites without cookies.

My hotmail box has gotten so full of junk, 60 to 90 unsolicited documents everytime I load it. I am not signed up to receive any thing through Hotmail, they must sell your name, regardless.

This posting is not to make noise! I am honestly interested to hear from any well meaning soul with an answer or some strategy to minimize the risk of using the www and how to lessen the Email spam flood. I think we need a more specific word for Spam. Spam just doesn’t have a negative enough connotation.

Re: Cookies and Crumbs for us Dumbs? - Posted by Alan

Posted by Alan on December 22, 1999 at 18:58:28:

thank you for your post. I am printing it for my consultant. I have not had any problems with hotmail.
It could be the settings–I wish I knew . I only have the zines and newsletters that I signed up for… and nothing else.