Counterfeit money orders - Posted by Keith (OH)

Posted by Jay on August 06, 2007 at 18:04:33:

“God” is the most reliable flag I have seen, seconded by ‘I hope I can trust you not to rip ME (the scammer) off’ (reversing the suspicion, and manipulating you into trying to qualify, and thereby dropping your guard.)

‘The Nigerian Lads’ are usually out of the country, and if in Africa, then, no the time/return ratio is astronomical in their relative terms. One simple success in perhaps, the $5k range makes them a few years wages, and also makes them a local hero. They may also advance in 419 gangs hierarchies with successes.

Search, “I go chop your dollar” on Youtube, and you will find the mentality. This is a music vid that is famous in Nigeria. This is also the criminal mentality in all economies. “I the Masta, you the MUGU!” (Mugu = White fool)

I was thinking about this literally just a few hours ago about domestic idiots. Why would they be motivated to work today for $100 with sweat and tools, when they can steal $2000 worth of tools, in 30 minutes and sell them for $200+? Its all ‘found’ money.

As mentioned above, every CL ad will get targeted. Put an alert as listed above in the ad stating you know the game, and use CL in a more advanced mode, and don’t take the CL response email, but include yours INSIDE the text. That way responders have to cut and paste to contact you. The Lads use address bots often, and miss the text. Relying instead on volume, and general subject matter. I have changed response titles to Lads to read “Fecal Matter Samples in Gallon Jars, $100”, and had them miss the change, and not be familiar with the reference to their sudden interest in buying my feces! Because the product, or service never matters to the scam.

Another time, my most famously bad response wanted to buy my (Car), then in the next sentence mentioned my (boat), and thirdly my (Motorcycle), all in 1 paragraph…I had posted a TRUCK for sale!!
Parentheses are used in some text programs to be a changeall words key, so I don’t know why the 3 inconsistent references, all of which were wrong.

Be aware of the list of tell tale signs. Steve and the previous poster listed several, and you will be able to reliably ‘read’ between the lines after 2-3 exposures. I can tell by title, and by name, actually, before I open an email.

I have read ‘Jewelry’ listings titles on CL, and reliably picked out scammers just by title with 100% accuracy. The “Financial”/ Services listings for LOANS also are rife with scammers. These last 2 are pushing scams, depending on advance fees, unlike your listings which are scammers chasing you.

I have had several checks arrive, as I ‘bait’ (waste their efforts) with the scammers, however I recently received a US phone number as a contact, so they are not all in Lagos, or Europe, so be careful about your person, and family.

In short, be prepared for bad people, and not all of them off in deep, dark Africa.

Just wait until your address gets shared and your scam offers arrive daily! European Lottery, BMW/Mercedes Promos, CL Car ads for 30% of the values of the luxury cars, emails requesting your help in stealing ‘found’ funds from ‘banks’, getting inheritances, and ‘standing as next of kin’, are all slight variations.

Counterfeit money orders - Posted by Keith (OH)

Posted by Keith (OH) on July 24, 2007 at 18:28:38:

Be aware there is a scam going around involving counterfeit money orders and cashiers checks. The scam prays on the fact that it takes and unacceptable amount of time for these checks to bounce in your deposited account. Sometimes weeks or even MONTHS before your bank sends out the red flag.

The scammers are attacking sellers using on-line services such as Craigslist and Ebay. They send you a money order OVER the amount you are requesting for deposit.
You are suppose to agree to send them the difference back once it has cleared you account. It clears your account, you cut them a small differnce check back, they disappear but you don’t care because you have their deposit and then weeks later the check bounces.

Now I know most of us are smarter than that but it is an easy trap because the check looks like it clears your account.

I just started using Craigslist this weekend and I already have a suspicious response. Not sure if they are a scammer or just a little goofy. It will be interesting to find out…


Re: Counterfeit money orders - Posted by mhinvestor

Posted by mhinvestor on July 31, 2007 at 18:40:39:

yep, its all a scam. Its been out for years but two years ago I got an email for one of my rentals… way too fishy but I was ticked how obnoxios the guy was so I said, yea, go ahead send me 4k but I wouldnt give him my home address. Sure enough three days later 4k came in a white envelope delivered from ups- funny part was the delivery guy said this is the weirdest package I have ever seen… Long story short yep fake USPS Money orders. They looked great but freaked me out, I called the USPS and they told me to go to the main office. When I got there the lady acted like I found a dollar bill on the floor, she casually looked at them in the light and said, these are good, smiled and said thanks. When I asked how often she sees them she said daily, unfortunately with the elderly who were scammed out of something… Age old saying, if it looks to good to be true…yaddi yaddi yadda.

Re: Counterfeit money orders - Posted by Joe-Ga

Posted by Joe-Ga on July 27, 2007 at 07:22:56:

I require u.s. postal service money orders ONLY… everyone goes to the post office every day or so…

it’s no lie - Posted by Steve-WA

Posted by Steve-WA on July 24, 2007 at 21:09:13:

I use CL extensively for my rentals and LDs - EVERY rental ad I place gets me a response from a scammer.

Here’s the telltales:


using othercultural words and terms like “advert” and “flat”

asking for information that is already included in the ad

Wanting to rent sight unseen

Re: Counterfeit money orders - Posted by JeffB (MI)

Posted by JeffB (MI) on July 24, 2007 at 18:56:35:

CL is notorious for the money order and cashiers check scams. I’ve been asked to do this literally dozens of times now. Although I can smell it a mile away, I worry for the unsuspecting person who just doesn’t know any better. I have found that the line “NO SCAMS, LOCAL BUYERS ONLY” in your ad eliminates any of these guys from contacting you in the first place.

One thought that comes to mind is, aren’t there easier ways to make money than to steal it in small amounts while committing serious crimes? I mean come on, if they could put their ingenuity and effort to work on a more worthwhile (and legal) business venture, imagine how profitable they could be!