CRE convention - Posted by Mary

Posted by Mary on March 23, 2006 at 20:59:30:

See I am the third revision, I am BETTER than windows:) Hey John, we will have to sit and have a beer at the convention, I will (hopefully) be there with the super duper Mr.

CRE convention - Posted by Mary

Posted by Mary on March 22, 2006 at 16:29:52:

Hey, I would like some feed back on the CRE conventions. I went to a Learning Annex convention and felt like I was trapped in a giant infomercial with no real information, but stock full of hooter girls? Since when does tight shirts and short shorts equate to real estate? I flew out to Dallas, and bought “VIP” tickets (which they began hawking at 1/5th the price to fill the seats) and I walked out on the first day feeling like a shmuck.
Meanwhile, I dragged my husband along and he is now so negative on conventions it will take a real struggle to get him to open up the wallet again. Is it worth the struggle? Do you get any real information or just a buch of teasers? thanks

Stands out above all other conventions - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on March 23, 2006 at 11:19:22:

I’ve been attending real estate educational events for 30 years as a participant and as a speaker. At one point there were at least two a week. Of all of the multi-speaker events, the CREONLINE event is the most educational. JP and Terry insist on it and the speakers comply.

Sure, each speaker will point you to and tell you about further educational materials. That’s the best thing, not the worst. You have a chance to listen and learn from someone and make an informed decision about whether what they have to say can be valuable for you. Without that “taste test” you would have to rely on adverting or just “chance” to try to learn real estate.

And CREonline doesn’t invite just anybody. They have always previewed and approved everything sold on the website or at the conventions. Their screening as to quality, reality and value are a great service. I would think you could be confident on buying any materials at the site or convention.

I kind of “bristle” at the sales techniques. I really resist using them and love to just educate people. What’s interesting is that at times when I have just educated people for a couple hours and then said “by the way, there are materials in the back if you want to learn more”. People thank me for the wonderful education and then run off to buy someone else’s materials. So, the question is did it truly serve them to NOT explain where and how they could learn more? Especially when they run off and buy some extremely inferior course off a website or infomercial?

So, it’s an interesting dilemma. The best “mix” is what Terry and JP have laid out. They know what they are doing. They insist on education and value, yet know the students also need to know where and how to further their education.

I’m biased yes. But not because I am an educator, but because I’ve spent many tens of thousands on education. More importantly, I’ve spent millions in the school of hard knocks. Mistakes can be costly, but lost opportunity is more costly. I probably lost more money from deals I didn’t close, know how to do or even see the first year or two in the business than all of the money I have ever spent for education. I can’t think of a course I have ever bought or book I read that didn’t bring a return of many, many times the cost. There isn’t a course, seminar or book I regret learning from, buying or attending. I have many, many seminars I wish I had taken. Educators who have passed on I could have met. Courses off the market I wish I had learned from. Exceptional educational events I didn’t attend because of some insignificant reason. Something that might have seemed big at the time, but in retrospect was tiny in comparison to the lost opportunity.

Personally, I think someone should buy every course at the convention they don’t already have. That would be the extreme on one end, but anyone serious and active in the business should consider it. Of course, if they are going to sit in the garage and never be listened to, then that is a different matter. If someone buys courses, but never acts, that too is a different matter. If all someone has to their name is a welfare check or their last few hundred, then that is a serious consideration.

The other end of the scale - the minimum - should be 10%. A true investor that wants success should spend ten percent of their income on education as the minimum. If they are not using the education or achieving success despite all their education, then there are other courses they should consider. Courses along the lines of personal development and achievement that will help.

At a convention, there are two extremes. There are the people that buy everything and the people that buy nothing. People that are cheap on education move slowly, never get started, make needless mistakes and live their life in “scarcity”. I rarely see people that are in that category that are extremely successful.

Those that buy everything are many times also stuck. They expect the “next course” to be the one that will be the miracle. There is also what I term an “education drug”. A convention can be a good fix. Someone is excited, hyped up and energized. No one can argue with a lack of success, because they are trying. Yet, as Yoda said “try not. Do or do not. There is no TRY”. I’ve seen people “ever learning” in real estate, yet afraid to start or stuck for some reason. Instead of addressing why they are stuck, they just assume they do not know enough and learn, learn, learn - from the convenience of their bedroom in their parents home.

So, buying everything isn’t the solution. Buying nothing isn’t the solution either. Learning is crucial when combined with action. Some people have too much action and are unbalanced in that way. They crash and burn because of what they don’t know. Others are caught up in the “paralysis of analysis” with no action.

But, at this convention. You have real educators and real investors as well as people new to the business. It is the best place to learn creative real estate investment on the earth. There won’t be hooter girls, fake testimonials, plants in the audience or high pressure. Just edcuation partnered with opportunity. Real educators offering important information and at the end pointing to how to further your education if you are ready, able and willing.

Anyone at any educational level can find something there of value.

Re: CRE convention - Posted by I can’t wait

Posted by I can’t wait on March 23, 2006 at 08:30:01:

I?ll be attending my first convention this year and can?t wait. I?ll be there by myself, so I?m glad to hear that everyone is so open and inviting. I plan on weaseling my way into as many conversations as possible and buying many beers for other investors willing to share their knowledge.

Re: CRE convention - Posted by John Corey

Posted by John Corey on March 23, 2006 at 08:24:16:


This is not meant to be rude. If you can not get your husband to attend with you why not go alone? Most of us do not bite or otherwise hassle the individuals who are not attending as a couple.

If he is interested in hearing what people have said look into recording the topics you like or buying materials that make sense to you.

Taking a look at this from a different angle… If you could make an extra $10K from what you learn how would he react? If you had done this without your husband engaging or even signing for a loan would his view change? I have meant couples where one half was not on board until they could see it work for the specific couple. Nothing like investment profits to turn a skeptic into a believer. With some real cash profits you will find the decision to attend a lot easier to make. At that point you can make him beg to come along rather than have to drag him along.

As to the convention itself. It is definitely value for money. Check the prices and remember the hotel is included. Compared to many other RE events the convention is under priced. Just do not tell JP and others as I like a bargain.

How to make it productive?

Show up with business cards and force yourself to sit with different people each meal or during each break. Send out emails prior to the event and schedule appointments so you will meet the specific people you want to spend some time with. Be prepared to limit your sleep if you want to network late into the evening and still make the first session each day. Remember that this might be the only time to visit with some of these folks. Take lots of notes and consider recording the speakers so have yourself organized.

Assume that there will be courses to buy if you are so inclined. Have a budget and a focus rather than get swept up by the buzz and buy everything.

One last thing from my days in the computer industry. Consider for a while what your focus is and be ready to quickly communicate with others. Elevator pitch is one term. When you have a focus you will find others who will respond by saying, “Oh, then you need to meet X”. Even if you are just starting tell people you are and that you are looking to meet others who are starting or who have experience (pick one).

Most of the folks who are more established as RE investors realize that the networking becomes more important than any one idea in a course or book. You can read the book later. You can only network when everyone is present. By attending the sessions you have things to discuss with others attending so you have many ways to strike up a conversation with someone you have never met before. You already know what their interests are (RE investing and making money outside of a job).

John Corey

Re: CRE convention - Posted by Max-Va

Posted by Max-Va on March 22, 2006 at 21:12:07:

I was talking to a fellow investor about this convention at our REI group. He is a well known investor and has attended all the conventions and spoke at some. His advise was if I miss this I might as well just go get a job. Did you listen to the preview last night? JP said that the speakers had 10 minutets to pitch their material the rest of the time would be hrad core teaching. I missed last year due to a family problem but I was amoung the first to sign up this year.

Re: CRE convention - Posted by JohnB_NJ

Posted by JohnB_NJ on March 22, 2006 at 20:46:39:

Hello Mary,

I figured I would chime in too. Like Anne and JT, I too have been to many CREonline Conventions. I never fail to learn something new, make a new friends, and meet up with old friends each time I attend. I look forward to catching up with old friends, like Anne, JT and many more.

You will see no hard selling, no gimmacks, and many hours of learning, networking and making many new friends.
JP and Terry, put on a very good Convention. They work hard to put it togethor to make it better and better. I am never disappointed.
Mary, did you listen to JP interview the “speakers” that will give you hours of useful information? Here is the link

I have been to my share of seminars and conventions and a good portion of the seminar is dedicated to the UPSELL and very little teaching.
In my opinion, I would never put the CREonline convention in that category. JP and Terry have always made sure each speaker teaches. Real “Meat and Potatoes” teaching. Bring a notebook!

Besides meeting new people and learning from the speaker, I enjoy the extras that you never find anywhere else. You get the chance to have all your questions answered and learn from all the questions others have for the speakers. Each speaker and many other “real estate professionals” are brought togethor one night for the “Round Table” discussions. Imagine a large convention hall with many tables and around those tables are people listening, asking questions and taking notes. You just can’t stay away. I don’t care how much one knows about real estate, one can always pick up something new, from the speakers (and the networking), that can make many thousands of dollars and in some cases save someone just as much.
Mistakes cost money and if someone that has been “down the road” further then I have then I am “all ears”.
I want to know as much as I can and the CREonline convention is the place to be. I then further my education by attending some of the seminars some of the speakers produce. Trust me, if JP picks the speakers, she knows them well and makes sure they deliver what they promise.
Heck, I still can’t figure out how JP gives so much for so little. Wait to you see the dinner spread she puts out one night. She makes sure the hotel does an elegant job. Oh, I almost forgot the breakfast every morning.
You will not want to go to sleep. A lot of us hang out in the bar and then the lobby just talking deals and helping one another out with ideas. Join us!

Hey, one thing I will say, if you find a speaker or two that gives you that “spark” that you are looking for by all means, get their course.
JP backs up her guarentee with her good name and the good name of this website which I am proud to say has helped me become the professional I am today. Without CREonline, I might still be working a 9 to 5 job. Education is key. Networking is Key and CREonline was Key for me. Creonline was one of the only Real Estate websites 9 years ago. But after all these years, CREonline is just the best, in my opinion. I don’t post much anymore (busy with biz and life) but I read every other day or so. But when I see someone on the fence about the Convention, I have to “type” up. I hate to type and its late when I go online but I just had to let you know my opinion. You make the choice.
Hope to see you there.

My first CREonline convention was over 8 years ago. It was JP’s second annual and it was the begining of my career in real estate. I have been to everyone since
Mary, when you get there, look me up too. I would like to say hello.
Stick around the site, ask questions, learn and definitely join us at the CREonline Convention.

JohnB (New Jersey)
email if you wish.

You have just received an offer… - Posted by JT-IN

Posted by JT-IN on March 22, 2006 at 19:21:03:

Worth the price of the trip, from Anne_ND… who will meet up with you and network over her part of the business. She is highly intelligent, well schooled on most RE techniques and as sincere as they come. You will NOT meet a finer person at this Conv, or any other.

Frankly, there are many folks who fit that same bill, and are equally as open and eager to meet you and others, and share what may help you make your next 10K… or 100K… or more. Now why would they do that…? Because others have done so with them, early on… and they are simply offering what they know, remembering what it was like to be in your shoes…

So no, you won’t find any Hooter Girls at this Conv… but you will find plenty of Girls and Guys who will offer you all you can absorb in the way of RE knowledge and motivation. The other point of value, is that these folks are accessable long after the conv, so you make contacts that you may put your next deal together with, or simply be the benefactor of their knowledge, which assists in assembling those missing pieces for you in that deal… all gratis.

You will find a family atmosphere, with a common purpose… advancing one another in their professional vocation, as well as making some lasting friendships.

Just the way that I view things…


there are no Hooter girls at this convention - Posted by Anne_ND

Posted by Anne_ND on March 22, 2006 at 18:39:52:


I’m not familiar with the Learning Annex, so I can’t comment on that. I have been to quite a few CREOnline conventions (I think this will be my 6th) and really enjoyed them. The seminars themselves were helpful- they contained real nuggets of useful info- and the chance to meet and hang out with other investors from all parts of the country is fantastic.

Some things that you probably won’t get at other conventions are the round table discussions (informal chances to meet and interact with presenters); the dealmaker’s forum (people bring deals and they get dissected by the experts, very entertaining and eye-opening); and the evening where you can network with people from any state. One year we sold a property we had in AZ by going to the AZ table and asking around if anyone wanted to buy or list the house.

Feel free to look me up if you come, I’m happy to meet you and talk about investing. I do mobile homes, wholesale flips, rehabs and buy-and-hold.


Re: CRE convention - Posted by Jeanne

Posted by Jeanne on March 22, 2006 at 16:44:43:

Hi Mary,

I’m anxious to see the responses from previous attendees. I am the convention coordinator, so I’m biased. We have a blast every year.

Our group is MUCH smaller than the Learning Annex Expo. We can only seat a little over 600 in the Main Ballroom at the Atlanta Airport Marriott. Everyone is in the same room for the entire convention, you will be seated “classroom style,” which means you have a table-top to take notes and pitchers of water.

The staff is me, Lori, and five of our friends/family. Our hosts, JP and Terry Vaughan are there and would love it if you came up and introduced yourself.

(Here is the link to “Who We Are”)

Our speakers are very approachable and enjoy spending the whole weekend with us.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the “preview” last night, you can listen to the Replay on the Convention page:

You can call me at (626) 396-0861 or email me at if you have any questions.

Jeanne Foyt

Re: Stands out above all other conventions - Posted by Dan Auito

Posted by Dan Auito on March 23, 2006 at 21:34:38:

This coming from John Behle is testimony that people can believe. Great words of wisdom there John, thanks for taking the time to post it up!

going single - Posted by Mary

Posted by Mary on March 23, 2006 at 10:50:20:

Thank you John for your input, I am really leaning toward going now.
Why would I be hesitant to go without my husband?!? Well here is the story: This is my second marriage and we have been together 10 years and I hate being away from him. That being said he is a consultant and is gone 5 days a week and home for weekends only, this is why I am getting into real estate so I can bring him home. Yup I know pathetic, but with what time we have left I want to maximize our together time.

Couldn’t have said it better - Posted by DaveD (WI)

Posted by DaveD (WI) on March 23, 2006 at 10:14:28:

John, you just nailed the essence of the event. Speakers, accessability, roundtables, deal forum - the list goes on. You really can’t stay away because the networking is just too valuable. I see it as going home week.

And I hear your business is just screaming. Way to go! Looking forward to seeing you again, friend.

Re: You have just received an offer… - Posted by Mary

Posted by Mary on March 22, 2006 at 20:35:54:

Thanks Anne and JT. I think maybe now I will have some swaying of the man’s mind to do. Hmmm maybe I should have bought me a Hotters outfit, oh yeah that is a comical picture. If I can get him to go I will be dropping a line to hook up.

how could you say that… - Posted by Kristine-CA

Posted by Kristine-CA on April 05, 2006 at 18:47:17:

WE are the hooters girls! OK we don’t have tight shorts. But other
than that, those hooter girls don’t have anything on us!

Then count me out - Posted by Alvin Tebag Williams

Posted by Alvin Tebag Williams on March 23, 2006 at 23:00:41:


Dang! say it ain’t so, Anne! - Posted by DaveD (WI)

Posted by DaveD (WI) on March 23, 2006 at 10:02:31:

Hmmm, maybe we are missing an opportunity. Would make for a great lunch experiance. Yeah, I guess you are right. Who needs eye candy? Well, unless they can talk RE. But then again, it was worth the price last year to finally hook up with folks like you and Kristine. Had a great time and looking forward to seeing you again.

There is always something to look forward to. Still need to meet JT, although he probably ain’t eye candy either!

Re: CRE convention - Posted by ski

Posted by ski on March 22, 2006 at 20:07:56:

Bummer, I was counting on the HOOTERS more than the invaluable info. SIGH…

Re: going single - Posted by John Corey

Posted by John Corey on March 23, 2006 at 11:43:14:


Not pathetic. Far from it.

At the same time do not let his lack of understanding about how RE investing works influence how you view a conference. It might be that you have not been successful so far (or enough to turn around a skeptic).

What sort of consultant is he? Maybe we can find some others who have his background to talk to him about RE investing in a language that will mean something to him. I was a consultant for years (Software consultant - international travel, etc.).

Find a way to make the weekend more fun even if he does not attend the actual sessions. Granted the days are long so there is not much free time. Or promise him something in return for his attendance. Some guys like something their wife is not interested in. Maybe there is something you can trade (golf, Nascar race or what ever floats his boat). With 10 years of time with the guy I am sure you know what he likes and a few of them he knows you do not like so he would recognize the deal if offered.

If he goes and he wants to meet people who have had success you will be able to schedule a few meetings in advance if you work on it. Almost anyone who posts can be emails to request a meeting.

John Corey

Re: how could you say that… - Posted by DaveD (WI)

Posted by DaveD (WI) on April 07, 2006 at 15:56:57:

I can think of a couple things… well, never mind!