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NEW Blog Articles

“13 Warren Buffett Quotes for Real Estate Investors”

 For guidance in troubled times, who better person
 to turn to than Warren Buffett? Here are 13 of his
 most famous quotes translated it into practical
 advice for real estate investors like you...

“Wholesaling Real Estate: 4 More Ways to Find Motivated Sellers”

 This is the final installment in Marko Rubel's
 series on "wholesaling" real estate and focuses on
 getting MORE prospects for wholesale deals.

“5 Factors You Must Consider When Investing in Apartment Buildings”

 Author, Phil Wazonek specializes in buying,
 selling, renovating, and financing apartment
 buildings. He has some excellent advice on what to
 look for in a potential investment property and
 the warning signs of a BAD deal.

Visitor Success Story

“Our Low-Ball Offer on a Multi-Unit Leads to a Sweet Deal”

 Tyler Bobo and his brother, Nick, made a low-ball
 offer to the owner of a vacant multi-unit
 property. Not only did they get a great deal, the
 seller financed it for them, and they had two
 units rented before they even took ownership.

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