creative real estate deals in Australia - Posted by Rose Samuels

Posted by Scott (AK) on June 03, 1999 at 19:33:12:


creative real estate deals in Australia - Posted by Rose Samuels

Posted by Rose Samuels on June 02, 1999 at 23:43:02:

I am interested to find out about any creative real estate deals that have taken place in Australia, as our system can work a little differently to the US.

Rupert Murdoch Is An Adelaidian - Posted by Ben (IN)

Posted by Ben (IN) on June 04, 1999 at 10:36:51:


Now I don’t know this for sure, but I suspect if you dig around a little wherever you are, you’ll find tons of people out there putting together creative deals solving the problems people have.

Creative Real Estate and Real Estate Investing Education is just not an industry in Australia yet the way it is over here.

Rupert Murdoch financed most of Fox Studios with zero coupon bonds. i.e. no down, pay later. Pretty creative. There’s a lot of business activity going on in Australia, and a lot of pretty smart operators down there.

But Australians at large have this whole thing of “permission” going on. Looking for someone to say its OK to do something before they do it. Americans are less hindered by this. The Aust govt propagates all that somewhat by regulating everything with permits being required for everythying and so on.

But that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and doing something. Find out what the needs out in the marketplace are. Run some test ads in local papers, target some areas and bomb them with I buy houses flyers. See what you get.

When you get some poor person dying under the weight of their loan payments or some such other motivated situation that you can put a L/O or whatever together with, move ahead with you deal. Take care of the details then.

There are people experiencing problems that have houses attached to them in Australia just like there are here in the US. If you focus on the people, the source of their suffering, and provide solutions for them. There’s no reason why you couldn’t do creative R/E deals all day long in Australia, no matter what city you are in.

Ben Innes-Ker

Re: creative real estate deals in Australia - Posted by Ken Little

Posted by Ken Little on June 04, 1999 at 02:31:29:

It may be of interest to you that William Bronchick has expressed the view that Lease Purchase Options
should work in any legal system based on English Common Law - our Australian system is as I understand.

If you get any feedback on your posting from other experts expressing views about the Australian system I would be interested to hear them

Will keep you posted if I get any further info from my own posting on this site.

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Creative real estate deals in Australia - Posted by Ben (IN)

Posted by Ben (IN) on June 04, 1999 at 11:00:51:


That’s exactly right. Our two legal systems are derived from English Common Law. In Australia, as recently as 1984 our unresolved High Court cases were still settled by the Privy Council in London. (like we can’t solve our own problems!) So what we have now is still very close to English Common Law.

But the basic things that make doing business possible are there in Austrlia just like they are here in the US.

Rights of ownership, power of sale, the ability to lease, lien property, contract law, equity, the right to do whatever a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to.

Being an Aussie in the US, my take is there’s plenty of experience here in the US that can be applied directly to Australia amd implemented one way or another. What works here will work there, and no doubt already is.

Ben Innes-Ker