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Posted by Kris on May 07, 2004 at 19:27:02:

A gooogle thanks…

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Posted by michaela-ATL on May 06, 2004 at 19:57:14:

I see a lot of posts, referring to bad credit.

I’ve learned a lot from these websites: (check out ‘debt validation’)
and the discussion groups on and

There are 2 types of creditors: original creditors (who are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act) and Collection Companies (governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

If you’ve had 1 late some time ago or by mistake, it sometimes works to write a letter through and ask nicely for a ‘goodwill deletion’.

If there are some hard inquiries on your credit report, that have not been authorized by you, there’s a $ 1000 fine for each inquiry, which you can sue for in Small claims court. Those hard inquires will pull down your
credit score.

The tradelines, that are reported by Collection Companies can usually be gotten rid of by requesting a Debt Validation by asking for copies of the original paperwork and a notarized statement of a person, that was directly involved in obtaining the credit line. Since this is not the original creditor they do not have that paperwork. They are required to submit the paperwork to you within 30 days or they have to delete the tradeline from the credit reports.

If a tradeline ahd been deleted, it is a violation for the credit bureaus to re insert it later on. It happens frequently.

Re-aging an account is a violation. That is, if the credit bureau/creditor changes the last activity to a more recent date in order to keep the tradeline longer than the allowed 7 years on the report.

Just some little ‘tricks’, that might help.


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Posted by JoeMajini on May 08, 2004 at 11:02:47:

Hey Michaela,

I can tell you have lots of experience in this area. WOW! I have a car lease repossession from a few years ago and for some reason it’s not showing up as a repo on the credit report. But it shows up as a big write off.

Do you have any idea how long repos can stay on the report?

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Posted by raisi smith on May 07, 2004 at 18:16:18:

if I contact the collection agency and request that info and they take longer than 30 days,…that collection will not come off,.because I didnt not contact Equifax, Experian or Transunion. Have you ever call the credit bureu’s and requested this info because they are the one’s that have the 30 day policy.

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Posted by jonah on May 07, 2004 at 01:41:37:

Thank you for an interesting posting, Michaela. Two questions: what are “tradelines”? (The online dictionary couldn’t help me here.) And what is a “hard” inquiry - what separates it from other inquiries?

Thanks for your help.

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Posted by michaela-ATL on May 08, 2004 at 15:23:30:

I really don’t know anything about car repos, but creditboards has a car forum. I bet you can find details there.


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Posted by michaela-ATL on May 07, 2004 at 19:05:29:

It’s the collection agency, that has to validate your debt within 30 days. Sure, if they can’t validate they usually don’t voluntarily delte, but at that time you have them on a violation and can put pressure on them: small claims court, secretary of state, atty general etc. the credit bureaus can’t validate this for you.


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Posted by michaela-ATL on May 07, 2004 at 05:56:28:

  • a tradeline is every item reported to the credit bureaus: each credit card, mortgage etc.

  • A hard inquiry is an official request for your credit report and you will have to have given authorization for it. Soft inquiries are either your own requests for the report or some promotional inquiries, where the credit bureau only gives out your address and some other things, but not the full report.
    If you order your reports, they will be distinguished.
    The number of hard inquiries influences your score.


Re: credit - Posted by MikeJ-Fl

Posted by MikeJ-Fl on May 07, 2004 at 07:42:12:

Would that technique work with medical bills, since they aren’t really credit lines? My wife recently had a couple bills pop up, which we question the validity of, each of which is over 5 years old.

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Posted by michaela-ATL on May 07, 2004 at 07:48:20:

those 2 categories, that I mentioned goes for anything mentioned on the reports. If it’s a collection company try the ‘debt validation’ method. There are some sample letters at (but you should change the wording a little) You will also be able to search for more letters on those to forums, that I mentioned. If it’s an original debtor, that’s trying to collect, then search for the ‘nutcase letter’ on those forums and try it that way.


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Posted by Kris on May 07, 2004 at 08:05:38:

Michaela, do you know how many years deliquencies and charge offs stay on reports?

Do they come off automatically after that time period or do I have to request them off?

A collection company of a former reditor has been doing inquiries on my credit wihtout permission, what can I do? Thanks…

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Posted by michaela-ATL on May 07, 2004 at 15:25:44:

negative items are supposed to be deleted after 7 years fromthe date, that the negative thing occured (so, if you had a charge off in 98 and paid it in 2000, the 7 years started in 98. SOmetimes they try to re-age it and change the date, so, that it can stay longer ont he report. That’s a violation and you can force them.

If the creditor is not a current creditor and you did not authorize the Hard inquiry, then that’s a violation and you can get $ 1,000 per occurance in court. E.g. if they pulled all 3 reports once, then that’s $ 3,000. Take them to small claims court and then offer a settlement of smaller amount and deletion of the tradeline off all reports :wink:


Re: credit - Posted by Kris

Posted by Kris on May 07, 2004 at 18:26:42:

Thanks…for clarification…What if had a charge off in 98 and still have not paid it, will it come off after 7 years from 98?

Some of these guys are not current creditors but a collection agency collecting on past debts. Can I still go after them for unautorized inquiries?

Last, I also have a delinquent student loan does that come off too after 7 years?

I know I’m starting to sound like a deadbeat but I went through a series of bad strikes against me in 97.

Thanks for your time, Michaela. I appreciate it.

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Posted by michaela-ATL on May 07, 2004 at 19:17:33:

I know that a current creditor has the right to check, but I don’t know if that right transfers with the collection.

I wold first go for the debt validation. They won’t be able to provide you with that. Then, if they don’t comply and don’t delete, you have them on a violation. Put pressure on them about, insist, that they take the tradeline, as well as the inquiries out of the report.

according to Experian’s report reasons for hard inquiries are: as a result of actions involving you, such as a completion of a credit application or the transfer of an account to a collection agency, appl. for insurance, mortgage or loan application.
SOft inquiries:- other creditors who want to offer credit, an employer who wished to extend employment, potential investor assessing the risk of current obligation, your current creditors to monitor you accounts.

If the account has recently been transfered to a collection agency, then I assume the hard inquiry applies. But if they’ve had the acct for a while, then I think it should fit under tha last part of the soft inquiry section.

Yes, an unpaid one will also come off within 7 years. You’re so close to the date, you may be better off not to wake them up, because they might decide to go for a judgement.

Student loans also come off after 7 years.

You may want to read the forums, that I mentioned they can tell you a lot more details than I can.


Re: credit - Posted by Neil (MD)

Posted by Neil (MD) on May 07, 2004 at 18:42:48:

I don’t claim to be an expert but I do run credit checks for my rental units and understand a little how this works.

The hard inquiries might be legit. If you owed some financial institution some money in the past you probably signed a statement saying you that they could pull your credit whenever they want as long as you still owe them money. My guess is that would transfer to the collection agency.