Credit Repair - Posted by Ev

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Credit Repair - Posted by Ev

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Could someone please tell me if there is a way to erase cedit inquiries on my report. I have good credit but the inquiries are giving me trouble sometimes when I try to get credit.Thank you

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As a San Diego real estate and mortgage broker for 28 years, I’ve come across 1000’s of people with bad – or damaged – credit.

Before I go into how to repair bad credit TODAY, let me give you a bit of history.

In the PAST, getting negative credit items removed from credit reports was almost done exclusively with “letter writing campaigns” to the credit bureaus . . . with the objective (AKA hopes and prayers) that they would fail to “verify” a negative credit item within the legal 30 day period. If the credit bureau did not verify the credit item within 30 days, the negative credit item – by law – had to be deleted.

This approach was “hit and miss” . . . at best . . . with a low success rate. My clients told me they experienced only about about 20% success . . . and it was a lot of stressful – and frustrating – work.

NOW, however, I aligned myself with a company that has a different approach for repairing bad credit . . . that is far more effective. This company uses a computerized method that searches for (and exploits) the mistakes made by credit reporting agencies. BY LAW, even one credit reporting agency MISTAKE (meaning they did not comply with the 1971/1997 Fair Credit Report Act) forces the credit bureau to correct the credit report.

The results I’ve seen from their computerized method have been amazing. Evidently, the credit bureaus make a lot of mistakes . . . because most of the negative credit items are removed. Public record items (such as BK’s, Federal tax liens, etc) are the easiest to be removed. The success rate is very high.

I know this post is promoting my mortgage related services, but you asked about how to repair bad credit . . . and so I am telling you about the best way I know.

(If you want to consider using this computerized credit repair method, email me your name and address (and Fax # if available) and I will send you some information in the mail.)

Everybody knows that a good credit rating is a huge asset. And even if you are doing lease/options, “subject to” loans, PACTrusts . . . or other creative financing techniques that do not require that you have good credit, sometimes a seller may want to “check you out” by “checking out your credit.”

After all, the seller doesn’t know you from Adam . . . and may not be sure he can trust you . . . and a credit rating is a good indication of character. Plus, a good credit rating gives you more confidence.

And lastly, why limit yourself to only creative financing techniques because you have bad credit? With good credit, if you need to use a conventional lender, you have that option available to you as well. By itself, that is a HUGE ADVANTAGE.

Whatever you do, you are smart to do everything legally possible to improve your credit rating.

Robert M. Campbell
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