Credit Report Information (long) - Posted by Bruce Lawson

Posted by Kj on July 26, 2001 at 15:45:23:

Hey Bruce could I get that info. from you. Just email me.
Thank you.

Credit Report Information (long) - Posted by Bruce Lawson

Posted by Bruce Lawson on July 08, 2001 at 16:35:45:

Some people seem that because their personal credit reports have a few blemishes that they can not make purchases.

Not only is that false, but your credit reports can be repaired. Credit repair will not relinguish anyone from financial resposibility but it can remove or correct any inaccurate information.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states"If any item is identefied as inaccurate,erroneous,obsolete,outdated or unvereifiable the information must be deleted from, or corrected on the consumers credit report". The reporting agencies are just companies in business to make money, they are not part of government. In fact they were forced to change their names from credit bureaus to credir reporting companies.

Every item listed on the consumers credit report can be removed if it is identified as being inaccurate,erroneous,obsolete,outdated or unverifiable. That is true for items that do belong to the consumer as well, if it is not reported correctly and the reproting company is in violation of the law, the law says that inccurate entry must come off the credit report.

I have seen items like bankruptcies deleted from credit reports because of the errors made by the reporting company.

The two easiest items to be deleted from credit reports are late payments and repossessions,these types of entries get repaired through either deletion or updates almost 100% of the time.

This information is furnished to help those people thinking that they can not get a real estate investing business going until time repairs their credit reports, most cases a total repair can be completed in 60 to 120 days. There are many creative ways to make your deals happen until you can get your financial situation straightened out, DON’T WAIT.

Any one with questions about credit reports or how items get reported can contact me.


Bruce Lawson

Re: Credit Report Information (long) - Posted by Danielle Manning

Posted by Danielle Manning on September 10, 2001 at 21:41:10:

My husband and myself have several error’s on our credit report. I have tried in vain to have them corrected. The companies have now added additional errors. Help!