CS and Tim Conde - Posted by R.Miller


Posted by Tim Conde on March 14, 1999 at 01:54:19:

If you haven’t reached me already, just respond to my email address. I do not hang out here as much as I used to. I have no problem with the group except the constant droning of whether or not the various courses “work” or how I managed to do what I did with the course. Yes, I’m very successful. But it was hard work brother, and lots of it that got me here. Not a slick sales talk by a master salesman or some get rich quick deal. Hard work. That’s what does it. Anyway, if you have a specific question, give me a shout.



CS and Tim Conde - Posted by R.Miller

Posted by R.Miller on February 27, 1999 at 18:32:50:

Tim,I have been reading your comments and am impressed at your attitude towards the program.That’s what I’ve been looking for is someone who takes the time to list both the pro and con of it.I’ve been involved in MLM and got in on the bottom rung in a saturated market.This was very disturbing and I soon found out that sales is a tough job to pitch.I’m looking at purchasing the program and trying it in the South.
My question is about the buying of rental properties.I have recently been working part-time for several handyman organizations and have found out that their income is mostly from rentals.They seem to get the fix up jobs by being in an area of the city where older homes and apartments are located and doing these jobs for other landlords.It seems there are “for sale” signs everywhere.How easy is it and what can I expect in lets say 6-12 months if I give it my all?
Thanks R.Miller