CS coaching - Posted by Barbara

Posted by Dirk Roach on April 02, 1999 at 09:48:32:

Hi Barbara,
Welcome to the world of RE Investing!
You might get more responses on NewsGroup II, just scroll up and click on the word.
It is a Q & A dedicated to discusion of various Guru’s including Carleton Sheets.
Also while you here navigate around this site and check it out. Read some how-to Articles and the varioius success stories. There is a Leagal Corner, Cashflow Corner. A TON of FREE info.
It should give you an idea of the area of RE you want to get involved in. There is also the Chat room which hops in the evening.
BE warned this site is highly adictive! :slight_smile:
As you can see, me, I just woke up like 5 minutes ago. LOL.
Anyhow check it all out an good luck.

CS coaching - Posted by Barbara

Posted by Barbara on April 02, 1999 at 05:18:49:

I recentely took the plung and bought into the CS
personal coaching program. Now I am scared
witless! The program said to go to the online
coaching site for a lot of help…but it isn’t
there!! Did I just throw away a lot of money for
nothing? On my credit card, no less. duh Has
anybody here bought this extra"help" course?

Re: CS coaching - Posted by Patricia

Posted by Patricia on April 02, 1999 at 15:30:21:

If you want to get your money back and this was a credit card purchase VISA/MASTER CARD call your bank
Usually you can get your money back.

Have you called C S office in Florida about this?

I used to have his tel # there but don’t think I do anymore.