CS Coaching Program - Posted by Kim

Posted by ks on August 18, 2002 at 01:53:05:

I signedup todya for the course paying $3825 for 12 months. I din read this forum before and i guess i made a big mistake. i remeber them saying, that i have three days to cancel or something. is that true?
may be i will cancel it on monday. please advie asap. i will use this discussion forum as my guide :slight_smile:

CS Coaching Program - Posted by Kim

Posted by Kim on July 25, 2001 at 16:47:21:

Unfortunately I am already committed to the coaching having paid a bit more than 33% of my yearly income for the program. However, I have been calling the CS folks for more than a week without receiving one call back. I was told they would call and assign me to a new coach but that has not happened. I have spent so much time either on the phone trying to reach them or waiting for them to call that I have not been able to even start the 3rd module since I have only one phone line.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance

Re: CS Coaching Program - Posted by JJ

Posted by JJ on July 25, 2001 at 20:06:48:

It might just be your budget. If you’re goal is to find these properties and pay coach a non-refundable $350+ an hour to help you, then you might want to look at your realistic time and expense budget. I was advised to walk away, and they kept the money, but I probably should have stayed with my goal, my own commitment, and tightened my budget and made a written plan. I would try to identify where the problem or conflict is, and try to fix it. It might just take a little tweaking, like forming a much tighter money budget to keep working at real estate, or deciding on what hours to do the work. I did think it was going to be a lot easier than it was, because old Carleton is a good enough salesman to make it look that easy. In my area, these properties are not exactly on every street corner, if they even exist at all, but I didn’t think it through very well from the start. That’s why I suggest to people to go out there and try to find these properties first, before spending any money on these courses. I’m re-reading Robert Allen’s book Nothing Down and it has a lot of pertinent information, free at libraries, or cheap at bookstores. When coach said befriend an agent, I would make local calls and keep a list of results and time spent for the next meeting. When coach said look for For Sale By Owner, I would ride my bicycle or moped around the locality and keep results. I would also go to the library and look at classifieds. When I complained and they assigned a second coach and he resorted to personal attacks, “Are you willing? Are you just looking for the easy way?..”, I would probably say yes, I’m willing, and have the attitude of finding a property. When coach said “I admit it’s going to be very difficult…”, I probably wouldn’t say anything because, no excuse, the goal and agreement is to get at least one property even if it takes ten years and coach makes $3.50 an hour, but if they weren’t fulfilling agreement, I would keep records, maybe even tapings, of all coach-client meetings, and I would contact an attorney or BBB or news agency. I will never do business with Sheets again, personally. To keep people’s money even when they don’t finish is the worst of business ethics in my opinion. But since you’re in the program, I suggest try to make it work for you somehow whatever it takes, or you can just walk away and lose your money, because scream and yell and plead and call and write as I did, they probably won’t give it back. For example, the budget issue again. If you can’t really afford to spend any money at all aside from the $2500 you paid for the coaching, then find a way to stay with the program and keep your “commitment”. Good luck.

Re: CS Coaching Program - Posted by Don

Posted by Don on July 28, 2001 at 23:44:24:

No offense, but if I had $2,500 I wouldn’t invest it in CS I would invest it in real estate. That would pay for a potential portion of down payment, considerable closing costs, heck to help the seller find another place so you can do a flip on his property. Am I right, group?

Re: CS Coaching Program-100% - Posted by AL

Posted by AL on July 29, 2001 at 09:13:47:

Only 100%.!!

Re: CS Coaching Program-100% - Posted by Jane

Posted by Jane on August 28, 2001 at 24:26:19:

I recently bought the coaching program, actually because I had origionally read on this forum (some time back) that if you were really a newbie & scared for that 1st go round, it would probably be a good idea to get help like that. Now I’m hearing WAY different stories & am hoping I didn’t make the wrong decision. Actually the money for the program comes from a credit card “charge”. How could you use that to buy real-estate? Frankly I don’t have $2,000 just laying around to plop down on a “good-deal”. And I can’t believe you would want me to get that in cash, from a Credit card? Do you KNOW what they charge you for that? Not to mention the fact that many credit cards won’t advance you more than $500 in “cash”. Anyway just thought I’d give my perspective on the whole deal, I’ll be keeping an eye on my statements from now on. hehe.

Re: CS Coaching Program-100% - Posted by Kim

Posted by Kim on August 28, 2001 at 10:07:35:

Jane, I am contacted weekly by someone who like you agreed to the CS Personal Coaching program and they are frustrated and disappointed with the program.

Do not sign the form that will come with your Coaching Package that commits you to paying for the program. Immediately file a dispute with your credit card company and whatever you do, do not sign anything or send any materials back with your signature.

Jane you will get far more value here at CREonline than by paying $2500 for the personal coaching program.

Also watch your credit card statements for unauthorized charges from the CS program, several folks who have contacted me have had unauthorized charges placed against their credit and debit cards by the program.

Go to the official Better Business Bureau site and check out the information from the Utah BBB.

Do not be discouraged because the information is out here and creonline is a great place to start.

Best of luck with your endeavors.

Re: CS Coaching Program-100% - Posted by Teresa Moyer

Posted by Teresa Moyer on September 04, 2001 at 19:38:45:

Kim, I have just agreed to be a part of the CS Coaching
program, it costed me over $3295, and as of yet my first scheduled session has not occurred, it is due next week. After finding this website and reading all these horror stories about the program,I am more than ready to get out.I have not received my coaching package, so can I legally get out of this potential mess. HELP ME PLEASE.JT