CS Courses - Posted by Tommy C.

Posted by Tommy C. on April 07, 1999 at 24:16:17:

I already bought my first home the conventional way when I got the CS courses. I find it very educational and only wished I had the courses before my first purchase. My approach would have been totally different and maybe I would have saved some money based on what I know now…I still plan to invest in RE, I still have a good credit but my cash is gone. I have looked into Multi Family Properties and Single Family Home but I’m still not sure which way to go. I found out that most sellers are inflexible partly due to their lack of knowledge about creative financing…My goal is to find motivated partners/investors interested in joining strength and ideas to experiment on what we’ve learnt and take it from there. I live in South Florida where the market is very hot but still very affordable. Any help and advice would be appreciated.