CS: I bought the course and I have some questions..PLEASE HELP.. - Posted by Christian

Posted by Jim IL on March 11, 1999 at 24:19:44:

First off, doing the deals and aquring many properties will not make you instantly wealthy. You need to create CASH first, cash flow later. But, do not pass on a good “hold” deal if you can get it and cover ALL your costs related to the property.

CS course gives you a good understanding of the terms and basic mechanics of the business.
But, frankly, ther are better courses and books offered that will help you actually do.(try Ron Legrand)

As for getting tenants. If the rent is right on market, and the home is in good condition, it will rent. You will usually have a minimum of 30 days before the first payment is due, so you can definately get a tenant to move in, pay you rent, and deposits, and then have your payment due as there second months rent comes in. So, your ahead a month.

Read the “How to articles” here and you see and learn ways to attract good tenants with a little low cost “sprucing up” of the units. Make it look GOOD!
Things like, new switch plates, nice light fixtures, and wall paper. Mini blinds help too. They cost about $4/each at Walmart, and look really finished. Make the place look REALLY nice and decorated and people will BEG to rent from you. Make sure it is clean too.
Good luck, and try Newsgroup one for more detailed advice,

CS: I bought the course and I have some questions…PLEASE HELP… - Posted by Christian

Posted by Christian on March 10, 1999 at 23:50:12:

I’ve had the Sheets Course for about a month now. I’m almost half way through the course. I’ve learned a few things so far, but there are things I dont’ have a strong understanding of. The first thing I would like to know, is whether I should just jump in the water and try anyway. If I have a question or something I dont’ understand, I can always refer back to the course. What do you think??

Secondly, another thing I’m wondering about are some of the techniques involved. No down payment financing is basically 100 percent financing. Well, suppose your going to buy a two or three family bedroom home. Suppose you can’t afford to pay the mortgage out of your own pocket so naturally you want to rent out the property. I know this may sound like a stupid question, but how would you go about getting a tenant under those circumstances before the first payment is due?? Common sense tells me to make the sale contigent upon getting a tenant. Is this the right approach?

Third, to become wealthy off of rea

Re: CS: I bought the course and I have some questions…PLEASE HELP… - Posted by Mike

Posted by Mike on March 13, 1999 at 21:27:55:

Jump in… after you

  1. Run ‘For Rent’ ads before you close to get a feel for the response thats out there.
  2. If you more than 30 days to get it rented due to condition, etc; have your lender have the first payment due in 45 - 60 days.
  3. If there are existing tenants, close one day after rents come due.
    These are all more or less common-sense techniques…but quit waiting for all the lights to be green - JUST GO FOR IT!

Re: CS: I bought the course and I have some questions…PLEASE HELP… - Posted by Steve Heller

Posted by Steve Heller on March 13, 1999 at 16:57:09:

Keep reading and studying CS course. Its a really good ‘nuts and bolt’s’ REI course. There is a lot there so try to absorb everything you can the first time around, but you understand a lot after you do a couple of deals then go through the course again.


Steve Heller